Athletic Storage

Athletic Gear Storage Solutions for Sports & Fitness Equipment

Everyone from military sports organizations and police athletic leagues to school and professional teams needs athletic gear storage solutions for sports and fitness equipment. To help you save time while searching online, we’ll focus on a few efficient and affordable ones here. This includes golf bag shelves, ball wall racks, uniform storage, and team lockers.

Many have adaptive components that come as standard features to give you full adjustability to maximize space. Others provide efficient dust protection to keep supplies clean and performing up to standard. Furthermore, ADA-compliant options ensure able-bodied and disabled users have inclusive access. Read on to learn more.

Heavy-duty athletic storage for golf bags

heavy-duty golf athletic gear storage solutionsWith the right athletic gear storage solutions, you can simplify your sports and fitness equipment management. Some solutions, like heavy-duty golf bag shelves or high capacity slider compact racks, organize and protect items in less space. Continue reading to learn how the available styles differ.

Those with heavy-duty tubular T-shaped posts made from durable steel can stand alone without monopolizing the footprint to ensure efficiency due to a two-tier design that uses overhead vertical space. Systems span several feet high to maximize capacity from the floor to ceiling and prevent facilities from wasting the invaluable footprint.

Furthermore, if you need more or less space to keep everything organized and damage free, simply adapt the storage levels in 2″ increments. Units’ flexible dividers keep the golf bags upright and separate to prevent damage. The components also split space to maximize use and create a safe and organized storage area.

High capacity athletic golf club shelves

golf club athletic gear storage solutionsAlternative high capacity golf club shelves allow you to store up to 67% more sports and fitness equipment in the same space as traditional options. Like the others, they’re great to add to storage rooms in country clubs, schools, and more. These systems have a prime steel design that does not include wood components to ensure long-lasting durable use and service.

In addition, configurations have dividers and backstops flexible enough to fit and keep any size golf bag in an upright position that prevents damage and eases retrieval. Its open design also allows airflow, providing extra protection against mold and mildew buildup to extend items’ lifespan. Systems’ angled bottom shelf keeps everything upright while allowing you comfortable access. Furthermore, models ship unassembled and have a durable finish that adds a clean look.

Compact mobile athletic golf gear storage

mobile compact golf bag athletic gear storage solutionsDifferent high capacity compact mobile golf bag storage allows you to organize sports and fitness equipment in less space while sliding on tracks. Its front shelves move back and forth, allowing you to maximize footprint density through instant access aisles. To reach the rear static racks and what they hold, simply move the front units sideways. It provides you with an aisle wide enough to ensure your safety during retrieval. Once you have what you need, simply roll the mobile shelves back into place to save space.

The mobile configurations have a couple storage levels large enough to ensure facilities have efficient space to keep golf bags organized and safe. Systems span two tiers high and utilize overhead vertical space, keeping the floor free. To optimize space, improve organization, and prevent damage, simplify adapt the shelving vertically in 1 1/2″ increments.

Due to units’ modular design, you’ll find adjusting the components or adding extra modules easier.  In either case, users can avoid wasting invaluable space with a simple parts modification or integration. No one then needs to postpone consolidating items due to improper conditions.

Recreational ball wall storage racks

ball sports fitness equipment wall racksExperts can also provide you with comprehensive options to address ball sports and fitness equipment needs. All allow secure installation to the wall to save you space and customization meet your specific application requirements. They’re great to use if you have basketballs and more that need organizing.

The racks have posts sturdy enough to withstand secure installation to the wall, helping ensure more efficient space use while hanging off the floor. If you need more or less space to keep everything organized, simply adapt the shelving rails. They’re flexible in design, allowing your to configure the space to fit whatever equipment you have without damaging it or restricting user access.

If you’re using the durable wall-mounted racks to store basketballs, volleyballs, or soccer balls, arrange it all in a single-file row. Everything looks cleaner and more organized while spanning the available shelf space to maximize footprint efficiency. Users have better ergonomic access to stored items too since units use the wall rather than the floor. It eases retrieval while preventing injury. Therefore, facilities can ensure everyone’s health and safety while leading activties on good sportsmanship. This includes parks and recreation agencies that provide skills clinics to kids wanting to improve their on-court performance.

Tennis team racquet wall shelves

tennis team sports fitness equipment wall racksOnline, you’ll also find wall racks sturdy enough to provide safe and convenient space-saving storage for other sports and fitness equipment. This includes tennis racquets and football shoulder pads that you want to organize and protect from damage. Keep reading to learn more about the available styles and the benefits they can provide.

Those designed to accommodate tennis racquets safeguard the gear’s integrity while storing it by the head rather than the strings. You’ll find the racks easy to use and install with wall anchors which users must provide to complete the process. Units have one wire side stop divider to help hold everything into place. You can buy extras if you need more support to keep items in a secure, upright position.

Create single rows or stack racks one on top of the another to ensure better organization and vertical space use with shelf widths that fit any wall. During installation, you should leave enough space between storage levels to prevent the area from looking disorganized or unclean. Racquets avoid damage and air flows too, helping ensure cleaner and safer handling.

Football athletic gear storage racks

football athletic gear storage solutionsAthletic gear storage solutions like football shoulder pad racks keep items tidy and off the floor while hanging on the wall, saving you space. System components have the strength to hold two pieces of protective playing gear. Therefore, you can double stack the gear per level to maximize space without damaging anything. Doing this keeps everything looking clean, organized, and accessible to players during practice and game days.

Due to the flexible interchangability that the shelves provide, you can even adjust the components to customize the area to fit inventory space needs. All storage levels have one wire divider to help hold equipment into place, keeping it safe from damage. Furthermore, units allow easy installation to the wall with a few screws.

Athletic uniform storage organizers

Do you have uniforms that need to be hung up or folded to keep everything organized and accessible? We have a wide selection of athletic gear storage solutions designed to meet this need. This includes  garment racks that simplify the process to streamline space and inventory management.

sports fitness equipment garment racksThe first option comes in a single or double-tier steel cabinet design with exceptional strength to provide long-lasting service while storing uniforms. Although sturdy, the units have the flexibility to allow customization with accessories. Some available options include:

  • Hinged security doors that come with key or electronic locks to prevent property theft and tampering.
  • Drawers with separate, efficient space to keep shoes or folded items organized and safe.

They’re good to add if you have specific concerns about material safety or want to improve organization within your school athletics department. Furthermore, you’ll find unit assembly easy since none require bolts or clips to complete the process. Discounts are available to anyone who buys more than one, helping ensure affordability if you have a smaller budget.

Depending on the choosen configuration, you’ll have access to one or two garment rods which school athletic staff can use to hang team jerseys that need organizing. You can adapt system components for more or less space to arrange garments. Unit parts allow flexible placement, leaving jerseys looking neat and more accessible. Furthermore, the cabinets have top cover shelves and closed side panels that provide efficient dust protection.

In addition, configurations can stand alone in the middle of the floor or up against the wall to save you space. Systems also include kickplates to prevent items from rolling underneath. All have a high quality powder-coat finish durable enough to resist corrosion and scratches too.

Garment racks for police athletic uniforms

police athletic gear storage solutionsDifferent garment racks can store and organize uniforms and jerseys that police athletic league program participants wear. Like the alternative, these allow security door integration to protect stored inventory from theft and tampering. Made from steel, they have the same exceptional strength to provide lasting service, too. Furthermore, units include do-it-yourself installation instructions to simplify the process.

Similar to the other models, these have closed uprights and top cover shelves that provide efficient dust protection to keep clothing clean. Its shelves and hanging rods also allow flexible placement to give you full access to the available space. Configurations have a powder-coat finish that can resist rust and scratch marks that can cause cosmetic damage, too. Furthermore, all include kick plates that prevent items from rolling underneath. To save space and give users safer access to the floor, stand units against a wall.

High density mobile athletic uniform racks

high density mobile compact athletic gear storage solutionsHigh density mobile athletic gear storage solutions organize uniforms in less space than traditional shelves while rolling on tracks. Unlike the static alternatives, these move over low-profile ADA-compliant floor rails to eliminate aisle space until compacted into a smaller footprint. Therefore, disabled and able-bodied persons have inclusive access and feel safe using it. Everyone can then condense open rows in an instant and convert once lost space into more efficient, productive storage.

If you need extra space to store and organize stuff into one convenient area, simply add modules to extend the length or width. Shelving can span up 12′ long to ensure you have full footprint use. You’ll find the flexible garment racks easy to install and keep clean due to the wire design. It prevents dust buildup to allow safer and cleaner uniform handling with every wear.

Athletic team gear storage lockers

hockey team sports fitness equipment lockersAthletic gear storage solutions such as team lockers come in many styles to meet police, military, and school or professional sports league needs. Pick from options made from a sturdy steel or wood design that provides clean, pleasing asthestics. Read on to learn how the two differ and select the one that best matches your application needs and price point.

Attractive wood team lockers have a warmer, more inviting look that appeals to baseball, soccer, hockey, football, and basketball organizations. All can withstand use in athletic facility changing areas with its protective finish. Furthermore, systems ship assembled on individual basis to simpify installation and allow ready use.

Athletes have ergonomic access to stored equipment since configurations have a wide-open front. Units also include security compartments with built-in combination locks to keep valuables safe from theft and tampering. The area’s doors have piano hinges that provide sturdiness and rigidity while allowing better alignment maintenance. The upper shelves have a durable plastic laminate covering to protect against moisture, too.

Units also provide versatile space savings through comfortable seats with built-in ventilated storage underneath. Athletes then have more safe space to keep valuables hidden from view. When needing access to the area and what it holds, users simply lift up the hinged door.

Steel athletic team lockers

military police school sports fitness equipment lockersThe team lockers made from alternative steel have an open front that allows military, police and school athletes ergonomic access. Its perforated sides provide airflow, keeping stored belongings clean and dry. In additon, you can have some design flexiblity since configurations come in four different styles. All have two single prong clothes hooks and a full-width hanger rod to hang up garments. Pick from options that include:

  • Lockers that have an upper shelf spacious enough to store and organize whatever you need.
  • Systems with an upper shelf and security box compartment that can accommodate valuables.
  • Units that include an upper shelf with locking bottom hinged lid compartment to secure whatever you have.
  • Models with an upper shelf, security box compartment and bottom hinged lid storage.

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Vertical Basketball Racks | Wall Mounted Ball & Gear Storage

Vertical Athletic Gear & Ball Storage Racks

vertical basketball racksSince athletic gear is so specialized, it’s often difficult to store. Shoulder pads, helmets, balls, and other equipment take up a lot of space. They can also be easily damaged during storage or retrieval. On top of that, they’re also expensive, and budgets allow for only so many replacements. Vertical basketball racks and wall mounted ball storage shelves are a great way to keep volleyballs, basketballs, and soccer balls stored neatly and out of the way. This prevents them from rolling across the floor and causing safety hazards while also using your wall space to free up your floor area for other uses.

The vertical basketball racks also feature adjustable shelf rails and brackets on 1″ centers so you can store multiple types and sizes of equipment in one unit. You can easily customize the individual racks for any sport in schools, universities, or professional sports teams.

Additionally, think of how much space you could save if you could use your walls for gear storage instead of your floor space. This way, you can also make your storage area safer by storing balls up and out of the way.wall mounted athletic ball storage


  • 42″ L standard wall posts made of furniture grade steel measuring 1 ½” wide by 1″ deep
  • Units can be double-stacked for 84″ high racks
  • Shelf rails and brackets manufactured from durable cold-rolled low carbon steel with 125 lbs. weight capacity each
  • Adjustable shelves on 1″ centers for customized shelf heights
  • Black wall post and gray rails and brackets finish
  • Manufacturer’s limited 5-year warranty
  • Made in the USA

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Vertical basketball racks and wall mounted ball storage racks are available to buy online and ship within 15-20 business days with free dock-to-dock shipping included. If you need any assistance or just want some help picking the right solution for you, please call us at 1-855-786-7667.


Canoe Kayak Racks | Stainless Steel Wall & Dock Storage

Canoe & Kayak Storage Racks

canoe kayak racksThese stainless steel wall-mounted or freestanding racks store canoes, kayaks, and surfboards efficiently. Due to their long and bulky shapes, these items aren’t exactly the easiest thing to store and can easily be damaged with improper handling. Obviously, no one wants to have an outing in a canoe that’s falling apart. Since the racks are designed specifically for marine equipment, it’s easy to load and unload with a minimized risk of damage or injury. A 4-level capacity also allows you to store more in less space by maximizing your overhead storage area.

You can even store different sizes of watercrafts and combine your equipment storage with adjustable intermediate storage arms. For even more convenience and space savings, a front security flange on each arm also allows you to store paddles or use a tie-down mechanism. You can use these racks in multiple types of environments with wall-mounted, ground mounted, or freestanding units so you can store them anywhere from shops to docks. For the utmost durability even in humid areas, the stainless steel construction prevents rust and corrosion for long-lasting use.

Featurescanoe kayak watercraft storage racks

  • Made from stainless steel to prevent rust and corrosion
  • Available in wall mounted and freestanding styles
  • Each rack comes with framing (two uprights with wall or floor mounting plates and two cross braces)
  • Bottom arms: 35″ long; top arms: 24″ long
  • All arms reinforced and include a front security lip for tie downs or cable locks
  • Intermediate storage arms telescope from 24″-38″ and adjust vertically on 3″ for custom spacing
  • 200 to 400 lbs. capacity depending on weight distribution and mounting
  • Do-it-yourself assembly
  • One year manufacturer’s limited warranty

Buy Canoe Kayak Racks Online

Canoe and kayak racks are available to buy online and ship within 10-15 business days. Free dock-to-dock shipping included. If you need any assistance or just want some help picking the right solution for you, please call us at 1-855-786-7667.


Golf Bag Sliding Shelving Storage Lateral Racks on Tracks

Sliding Shelving for Golf Club Bags

golf bag sliding shelving storageGolf clubs are expensive, bulky, and difficult to store as they need to be kept upright, secure, and safe from damage. Understandably, many patrons judge the quality of a golf course by its look of professionalism, protection of their gear, and ease of use. The golf bag sliding shelving is a unique solution that provides all of the above and, in addition, saves you a ton of space.

With lateral tracks, the shelves in front slide side-to-side with a stationary unit in the back. This means that you don’t have to waste your valuable space with static aisles between shelves. To access the back shelves, just slide the units in front of them out of the way. Then, users can easily access their equipment. On average, users store about double the capacity of traditional shelves in half the floorspace.

Also, the shelves hold golf bags in the upright and proper position, giving each bag its own space. This ensures that the golf bags aren’t cluttered or falling on top of each other during storage. Because what’s the point in saving space if the system is unappealing and difficult to use?

We can also configure the golf bag sliding shelving with roll-up locking doors to provide security. The space savings, ease of use, and professional looks make the shelves great for country clubs, municipal golf courses, and universities.

Additional shelving features include:


  • Available in five different widths from 8’4″ to 24’8″ and in two and three-deep configurations
  • Shelves adjustable vertically in 1½” increments
  • Each shelf rated to hold 300 lbs.
  • Closed type uprights with solid panels of heavy-duty 18 gauge steel
  • Modular design allows users to add to or recongifure the shelving at any time
  • Leveling track, heavy-duty carriages, and specially engineered rubber stops ensure smooth movement that keeps stored golf bags from jostling or falling
  • Ball bearings and four wheels per carriage improves mobility
  • All parts powder coated with a textured finish for long-lasting durability and aesthetics
  • Limited lifetime manufacturer’s warranty
  • Made in the USA

Buy Golf Bag Sliding Shelving Online

Golf bag sliding shelving is available to buy online with volume discounts available. For more information or if you need assistance, call us toll-free at 1-855-786-766.


Athletic Wood Lockers | Game Day Sports Gear Storage

Athletic Wood Lockers

athletic wood lockersAthletic wood lockers are designed specifically for athletic facilities and teams in basketball, soccer, football, hockey, and more. Of course, you don’t want players scrambling and wasting time trying to find and get their gear in order on game day. Ideally, you would want a storage solution that combines organization and a professional appearance while also standing up to the demands that often come with dressing room areas (it gets humid in there—which means odors, mold, or damage).

The wood lockers are constructed from furniture-grade red oak veneer that is as beautiful as it is functional. Additionally, in order to withstand locker room environments, three coats of catalyzed clear finish resists damage from moisture and other factors. Coupled with a variety of options including upper and lower compartments with keyless locks, it becomes easy to store and access shoes, uniforms, helmets, and other athletic gear.

Lastly, lockers ship fully assembled and ready to set in place. They are a quick and cost-effective solution for high school, collegiate, and professional sports facilities, as well as recreation centers.

Featuresgame day sport gear storage lockers

  • Sides, backs, seats, upper, and lower shelves fabricated from 3/4″ furniture-grade red oak plywood or veneer
  • Locker trim constructed of red oak lumber
  • Basic trim pieces included
  • Lockers designed as shown
  • Optional upper security compartments come with built-in combination locks or optional programmable digital locks
  • Continuous piano hinges on doors constructed from solid red oak to provide extra strength and prevent tampering
  • Upper shelves covered with Wilson Art Golden Oak plastic laminate to provide durability and moisture resistance
  • Optional lower seats with ventilated storage compartments
  • All lockers ship fully assembled and ready to use
  • Customers must provide base blocking and leveling per installation instructions
  • Finished with three coats of formaldehyde-free catalyzed clear varnish to provide extra moisture resistance
  • One year manufacturer’s limited warranty

Buy Athletic Wood Lockers Online

Athletic wood lockers are available to buy online for your hanging uniform needs. For more information or if you need assistance, call us toll free at 1-855-786-766.


Golf Bag Organizer Racks for Multi-Tier Club Storage

Golf Bag Storage Made Easy

golf bag organizer racksGolf bags and clubs are expensive and take up a lot of space, especially for applications like country clubs or golf courses that store many at once. The golf bag organizer racks are a great way to keep bags stored upright, which saves space and prevents damage.

Organizing is also much easier with the golf bag racks. Instead of cluttered on your floor area or stored in multiple places, the golf bag organizer racks store them in one compact solution. The racks are double-tiered, allowing you to store more bags in a smaller footprint by utilizing your vertical space. Dividers also keep the golf bags stored upright so they’re not leaning against each other. Each bag gets its own divider section. When someone needs to retrieve their bag, it’s easy for them to find and remove it without disturbing the other stored bags.

The golf bag racks are available in multiple sizes depending on how many bags you need to store. All come with two levels of storage and widths up to 6′, which stores 12 bags. See the features below for more information on widths and bag storage racks

Golf Bag Rack Features

  • Upright posts: Heavy-duty tubular T-shaped posts made from 14 gauge steel
  • Includes floor plate anchors and concrete anchors
  • Steel beams are rated to support 900 lbs. for 4′ wide units; 800 lbs. for 5′ wide units; and 650 lbs. for 6′ wide units
  • Storage levels are adjustable in 2″ increments
  • Each storage level comes with 20 gauge steel decks
  • Adjustable golf bag dividers keep bags in the upright position
  • 2 dividers per level for 4′ wide units; 3 dividers per level for 5′ wide levels; and 5 dividers per level for 6′ wide units
  • A wide selection of powder-coat finishes available

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Golf bag organizer racks are available to buy online with optional shelving volume discounts.  For further assistance, call us at 1-855-786-7667 or send us a message to speak to one of our experts.


Antimicrobial Plastic Lockers Resist Mold & Chemicals

Antimicrobial Plastic Lockers

antimicrobial plastic lockersUnfortunately, plastic lockers just aren’t as popular as metal lockers due to misconceptions about their durability and price. However, they offer a wide variety of benefits over metal lockers that make them well worth the investment, including resistance to rust, mold, moisture, and other damaging factors. Read on to learn more about the benefits of using antimicrobial plastic lockers in your athletic, medical, food processing, or other high moisture or hygienic application.

Storage for Wet & Hygienic Environments

Antimicrobial plastic lockers are a great solution for many storage applications such as pools, changing rooms, hospitals, outdoor areas, manufacturing facilities, and other areas with a high degree of moisture, humidity, or chemicals. Constructed from high density polyethylene, the plastic is lightweight but extremely durable and won’t corrode, rust, or dent. Durability and impact resistance also provide enhanced security for stored belongings.

moisture-resistant-plastic-lockersIn healthcare, athletic, or food storage applications, hygienics are extremely important. Plastic is much easier to clean than metal due to its moisture resistance. Simply spray it down and let it dry instead of time-consuming hand drying. You don’t need to worry about unsightly patches of rust if the lockers are left wet. The ease of cleaning also makes it an ideal solution for applications where users exchange lockers throughout the day and prevents the spread of germs and illness.

Plastic is also very low-maintenance compared to metal as it won’t dent, scratch, or require regular re-paintings due to chipping. The material is resistant to odors, germs, graffiti, chemicals, and more. The durability of the lockers offer a smart, attractive, and long-lasting solution that you can count on for years to come.

Buy Antimicrobial Plastic Lockers Online

Antimicrobial plastic lockers are available to buy online and ship fully assembled. For further assistance, give us a call at 1-855-786-7667. One of our storage experts will be able to help answer all of your questions.


Athletic Team Gear Lockers with Storage Security Box Compartment

Athletic Gear Open Lockers

athletic team gear lockers with lockable compartmentAthletic team gear lockers are designed with the athlete in mind, but their open steel construction and diamond perforated sides also make them great for military and law enforcement. The lockers have an open front and hanger rod, making it quick and easy for users to access their uniforms or garments whether it’s an emergency or time for the big game. For secured personal storage, the lockers also come with a lockable upper security box compartment.

The lockers are available in four styles:

  • Upper shelf only with open locker
  • Lockable security box and open upper shelf
  • Open locker with upper shelf and lockable bottom compartment
  • Open locker with upper lockable compartment and bottom lockable compartment

Despite the locker’s open design, the optional upper compartment allows users to secure their personal items such as cell phones or wallets. An upper shelf provides a convenient space to store hats or helmets for quick retrieval. You can also include a bottom compartment to store shoes and extra gear.

gear lockers with overhead shelf lower compartmentAnd we’re all familiar with the “locker room smell”—that’s why the gear lockers have ventilated sides. This allows air flow through the lockers, which prevents odors and bacteria from forming. It also adds a measure of safety, since staph infections spread quickly among athletes.

Athletic Team Gear Locker Features

  • Available in 24″ wide x 18″ or 22″ deep x 72″high
  • Include two single-prong garment hooks and full-width 1/2″ diameter hanger rod (hangers not included)
  • 16 gauge diamond-perforated steel body allows air flow and ventilation to reduce odors and bacteria
  • Top and bottom compartment doors constructed from 16 gauge continuous piano hinges for extra strength
  • Available in colors blue or red
  • Factory-assembled option available
  • 2 year manufacturer’s warranty

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Vertical Bike Racks & Hanging Shelves for Indoor Bicycle Storage

Storing Bikes in Less Space

Since 2000, the use of bicycles for transportation has increased by 62 percent. Biking is great for a healthy lifestyle, but this requires more bike storage areas that can take up a large amount of room. Otherwise, users may store bikes haphazardly, which leaves them prone to damage or theft. Vertical bike racks and hanging shelves for are ideal solutions for storing a large amount of bikes indoors and in less space. Read on to see two different types of vertical bike racks.

Vertical Bike Racks with Gear Storage Shelves

vertical bike racksThese bike racks come with one or two shelves above for storing additional gear and accessories. Bikes hang vertically, which saves space and allows users to quickly and easily retrieve stored bikes. The bikes are easy for users to reach and prevents bikes from leaning against others, which can cause damage. Simply hang the front wheel on the wall bracket, and the rack keeps it in place. The vertical design makes these bike racks perfect for condos, dorms, apartments, property rooms, unclaimed bike storage areas, and more.

Additional features include:

  • Vertical open uprights
  • Adjustable hooks on 1.5″ centers
  • Heavy-duty steel construction for durability
  • Available in heights of 76″ and 88″ with widths of 42″ and 48″
  • Three shelf reinforcements provided for all shelves
  • Corrosion and scratch-resistance powder coat finish available in a variety of colors
  • Simple, do-it-yourself installation with components that snap together
  • Made in USA

Double-Tier Bike Racks

indoor bike storage racksThe double-tier racks provide two-level storage for bikes to save space in a small footprint. To load bikes, simply place it into one of the rack trays and roll it forward until the front wheel drops into the slot. This allows each bike its own storage area while maximizing your available space. These are great for commercial and retail bike storage, high rise apartments, universities, police stations, and more.

Additional features of the double-tier bike racks include:

  • Available in 8, 10, 12, and 14 capacity bike models
  • Bike racks only use 5′ to 8′ of space with a high storage density
  • 16-gauge galvanized steel construction provides durability
  • Staggered horizontal and diagonal wheel trays allow clearance between bikes, which prevents damage
  • Accommodates any type or size of bicycle excluding tandem bikes

Buy Vertical Bike Racks Online

Vertical bike racks are available to buy online and are easy to set up and use. For more information or additional assistance, please call us toll free at 1-855-786-766.


Steel Rod Shelving with Overhead Storage for Uniforms & Equipment

Storing Hanging Garments & Accessories

steel rod shelving with overhead storageMany organizations have difficulty with storing uniforms while they’re not in use, especially with a limited amount of space. Steel rod shelving with overhead storage instead allows you to combine hanging uniform storage with space for additional items such as headgear, instruments or other folded garments.

Hassle-Free Uniform Hanger Shelves

Wire racks are frequently used for hanging garment storage, but wire can easily snag on fabric and cause damage. Keeping them folded is also inefficient and prone to wrinkling or damaging clothing. It also wastes valuable time to constantly fold clothes in a manner that keeps them wrinkle-free. And when they need to be retrieved, it’s difficult for users to find the uniform they need if they’re piled on top of each other.

With smooth steel construction, the steel rod shelving offer commercial-quality hanging garment storage with unmatched strength and durability. The overhead compartment also provides convenient storage for additional items. This makes them perfect for storing items that need to remain within easy and quick access such as helmets, hats, instruments, costume accessories, athletic gear, and more.hanging uniform equipment storage shelves

  • Closed uprights constructed from heavy duty 18-gauge steel for long-lasting strength
  • Shelves and hanging rods are adjustable on 1 ½ centers to store many different garment sizes
  • Available in heights of 76.25″ and 88.25″; widths of 30″, 36″, and 42″
  • Shelf reinforcements are provided for all shelves except the top dust cover for extra durability and stability
  • 2.75″ high kick places prevent items from rolling under the shelves
  • Corrosion and scratch-resistant powder coat paint finishes available in a variety of colors
  • Installation is quick and easy with components that snap together using a rubber mallet hammer
  • Add doors for more security
  • Made in U.S.A.

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Steel rod shelving with overhead storage is available to buy online for your hanging uniform needs. For more information or if you need assistance, call us toll free at 1-855-786-766.