Five Benefits of Using Vertical Plan Storage Solutions

vertical-plan-drawing-cabinetsOur adjustable vertical storage solutions are designed to store paper works for museum archival facilities and add storage benefits to other industries. These vertical storage solutions are often used to stow Hollinger boxes, Solander cases, historical maps, rare drawings, boards, art, and posters. Another benefit of the design is that the shelves are entirely non-gassing to protect your valuable collections. 

Storage requirements are never the same. But the need to save space in a facility is always present. How effectively your premises operate can be heavily impacted by the storage you choose and how you use the space available. Changing storage arrangements or introducing new ways to organize existing requirements can drastically improve productivity and the experience everyone in the building has of their area. 

Opening up available space

Freeing up space is an obvious benefit of vertical storage – the more area you use vertically, the more you can make available horizontally. Instead of inefficient use of space that may require additional spending on a larger premise, vertical storage enables any business to find more room, whether that’s space for staff or revenue-generating activities

Improving the ergonomics of the area

Ergonomics is essentially designing a working environment around the needs of the employees working within it. Storage has a significant role in ergonomics, as it’s likely employees will regularly need to access items stored. The contributions to ergonomics vertical storage have, is enormous. Vertical Storage can help make more sense of the space available, introducing mechanisms and order to reduce lifting and reaching and help make the contents of storage equipment easier to access.hanging-blueprint-racks

Increasing security for items stored

Vertical storage units have many functions. An important one of these is to offer protection to items stored. There are options for introducing user permissions, so it’s possible to get a clear historical overview of all employees who have had access. An element of access control is straightforward to implement. Passwords are used to control access. ionsAlthough vertical storage systems are not impenetrable, they can considerably enhance existing security measures, especially given recent increases in data protection requirements.

Improved Accuracy

Specialized vertical storage can help improve inventory management, particularly when it comes to accuracy. Inventory management software and controllers make this part of inventory management much more efficient.

Improved operational efficiency

Vertical storage makes finding assets easy and helps to reduce the time it takes employees to find requested items. There are no distractions, and easy to see the requirements without spending hours looking to locate them. This can introduce significant productivity gains for the business, especially when storage is infrequent. Basic training can ensure that staff is efficient in tracking down what they need to move quickly to the next task.

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