Why Keyless Lockers Are the Future

electronic keyless lockersMany businesses and institutions want to offer locker services to their customers, employees, residents, and students. However, traditional lockers that require locks and keys can present a variety of headaches. What happens when a student loses a key or when an employee quits and won’t return their locker key? Keyless lockers offer convenience and flexibility. If you are looking to install lockers in your business or location, electronic keyless lockers are the way to go.

What Are Electronic Lockers?

Keyless lockers come in many different varieties. At StoreMoreStore, our electronic keyless lockers feature a digital keypad. Users type in their code to unlock and open the locker. This system makes it easy for locker users to open and close their lockers and saves management a great deal of time and effort.

Additionally, our electronic lockers can be programmed with permanent or temporary access codes, so management can control how long a customer or user can access them.

The Benefits of Keyless Lockers

Keyless lockers aren’t just a cool way to shift your locker system into the future. They offer several benefits over traditional lock-and-key systems.

No More Lost Keys or Locks

keyless locker keypad lockUsers will inevitably lose or misplace a key. At the least, this means management will have to use an extra key to open the locker. At the worst, if a key is lost or stolen, it means the entire lock must be replaced. Replacing locks over and over can add many costs to the operation of the locker system.

Easy Transfer to New Owners

When an employee leaves a company or a student graduates from school, administrators need to spend extra time and effort to retrieve their locker keys and locks. Inevitably, these keys sometimes disappear, forcing a company to pay for new locks and keys. Keyless lockers make it easy for management to transfer lockers to new users. After management switches to a new code, a user can immediately access their locker.

Less Management Oversight

A staff member will always need to be present to deal with the inevitable forgotten or lost key. In the case of businesses that offer locker keys to customers, such as at a gym, an employee must be dedicated to handing out, tracking, and collecting all keys when the customer is done. This type of overhead is expensive and cumbersome and can take your employees away from critical tasks.

Greater Convenience

What happens if a resident at an apartment complex loses their mail key and the desk attendant is away? They could miss critical mail and packages. Customers and employees appreciate the ease and convenience of electronic lockers. They can access their lockers whenever necessary and don’t have to worry about always remembering their key.

Greater Security

Electronic lockers allow management to track their lockers better. They can create temporary passcodes so users can’t get into a locker after their time limit has expired. Additionally, while locker keys are easy to steal, passcodes are not. Finally, suppose an employer needs to let an employee go. In that case, they can immediately change their locker passcode after the employee departs, so the ex-employee no longer has access to the locker.

Different Types of Keyless Lockers

digital electronic keyless lockersNow that you understand the benefits of keyless lockers, how do you know if these types of lockers are right for you? First of all, consider your locker needs. What type of locker system will work best for your customers, employees, students, or residents?

Some of our most popular electronic lockers include:

Keyless Cell Phone Lockers

Customers don’t always want to carry their cell phones, keys, or wallets with them, especially if they’re visiting an establishment like a pool or spa. A cell phone locker can allow customers to stash their small personal possessions so they can be unencumbered. Likewise, cell phone lockers can come in handy if you need employees or students to leave their cell phones at the door to limit distractions or prevent information leaks.

Keyless Backpack Lockers

Do your students, customers, or employees need a place to put their belongings? Keyless backpack lockers are an excellent option. These types of lockers work well at theme parks, where customers may want to stash purses and bags before jumping on rides, as well as in schools where students need to store books and backpacks between classes.

Keyless See-Through Lockers

Do you want to ensure that your students, employees, or guests don’t bring contraband onto your property? Keyless see-through lockers are a good deterrent for keeping illegal items out of school or out of your office. See-through lockers also make it easy for your security officer or management to see if users are storing anything illegal or banned in their lockers. If you want to increase the safety of your organization, see-through lockers might be the right choice.

All-Purpose Digital Lockers

keyless locker storageNeed keyless lockers for any other reason? All-purpose digital lockers are a great choice. They can work in a wide variety of settings. Add these to your apartment complex so residents can pick up packages without the need of a front desk attendant. Put them in your gym or spa so members can store their gym bags, clothing changes, and toiletries. Suppose you need your employees to keep their possessions before walking out on the floor. In that case, all-purpose lockers can fit small possessions, like keys and cell phones, as well as larger items, like purses, backpacks, and shopping bags.

Your One-Stop Shop for Electronic Lockers

Whether you are a school, apartment complex, gym, spa, laboratory, or any other institution that wants to offer locker space, electronic lockers are the way to go. At StoreMoreStore, we offer many kinds of keyless lockers, including phenolic lockerswood lockers, and laminate lockers. Your keyless electronic lockers will be highly functional and look stylish at the same time. Give us a call at (855) 786-7667 or send us an email to request a quote for keyless lockers today.