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Architects, engineers, and planners can find versatile rolled plan shelves, counter cabinets, flat print storage, wall racks, and carts that protect drawings and more online. Many have flexible components that allow you full adjustability to optimize space. It helps simplify efficient material consolidation and ensures users have easy access. Furthermore, a few even allow security door integration to safeguard organized materials from theft. Continue reading to gain more insight into all the cost-effective options and pick the one that best fits your application needs.

Adjustable rolled plan shelving

rolled plan drawings shelvesMade from flexible steel, these adjustable rolled plan shelves have the efficient capacity to store and organize maps, posters, flat drawings and more. Configurations include two dividers per shelf  (up to 12 per unit) to simplify space optimization. It promotes proper material consolidation while allowing everything to look more organized and accessible.

To help prevent damage, leave enough space between the vertical dividers and place materials flat in a neat row. Personnel then avoid crushing items stacked on top while pulling out stuff stored underneath. Furthermore, arranging everything in a single-file row helps maximize space to ensure efficiency while simplifying access. 

Configurations come in optional heights that range from 24″ to 121″ tall to fit your space needs. Units span floor to ceiling while against a wall to maximize vertical space and allow users safe access from the front. All have closed side panels that provide efficient dust protection to keep blueprints from being damaged. Units’ open front allows airflow to prevent dust buildup, keeping drawings clean. Furthermore, you can add hinged doors with key or electronic locks to eliminate theft and tampering. Users can adapt and remove components to simplify cleaning the interior too. 

Architectural Revit Models

Rolled plan shelving eases consolidation

flat rolled plan shelvesAnother model allows you to store project blueprints and architectural drawings all in one since its design includes flat and rolled plan shelves. Use the lower compartments to protect active materials from curling. It ensures you have a clean look with every use, eliminating production delays. Keeping inactive materials within the upper pigeonhole cubbies helps also simplify referencing. Furthermore, everything looks tidy and accessible whenever needed, helping boost productivity.

Configurations include shelves that clip into posts and allow flexible placement to maximize space efficiency. The components have a punched design that allows divider adjustments as needed to ensure efficient and organized material consolidation. Made from durable steel, the partitions have rounded front flanges to ensure user safety.

Designed with engineers in mind, the flexible and affordable flat and rolled plan shelves even allow optional swinging door integration to prevent theft. Furthermore, the durable steel doors have a reinforced design to prevent warping and come preassembled to the frame to simplify installation. System doors also include 5-knuckle hinges and chrome-plated key handle that ensures ergonomic and safe access during use.

Architectural Revit Models

Attractive wood laminate counter cabinets

rolled plan wood laminate counter cabinetsAttractive wood laminate work counter cabinets have cubbyhole compartments large enough to keep rolled architectural construction blueprints organized and accessible. Pick from 30″ or 35″ high configurations with openings wide enough to accommodate bulky drawings that users often find hard to store. Spread materials out on the convenient countertop to simplify viewing and referencing.   It keeps plans from taking up valuable desk space, allowing the office to look less cluttered. Due to how spacious the compartments are, users also have comfortable access to materials and avoid injury during storage and retrieval. 

Architectural Revit Models

Furthermore, units can stand alone or fit under workbenches to give you a pleasing built-in look, flexible installation, and maximum space use. Systems have exposed edges covered with 2mm PVC edge banding that provides durability and a pleasing look. Configurations also feature 3/4″ thick industrial grade 40-50 lb. substrate, double-faced melamine construction that resists scratches. It helps keep costs down while still providing added durability against marks that cause cosmetic damage. Units’ thick high-pressure laminate (HPL) constructed worksurfaces can withstand everyday wear and tear too.

Flexible steel rolled plan counter cabinets

rolled plan steel counter cabinetsAlternative flexible-steel made rolled plan counter cabinets allow you to organize architectural blueprints, maps, and flat drawings all in the same versatile solution. Unlike the other configurations, these include dividers that allow flexible placement to ensure efficient and organized consolidation.  The partitions even allow removal to simplify and speed cleaning. 

Systems also have flexible steel-made shelves which users can adapt to ensure full space use. No one needs to sacrifice easy material access in the process due to the open front. It allows efficient airflow, helping eliminate dust and debris from damaging drawings’ integrity.

Like the attractive wood laminate roll plan counter cabinets, these have an ergonomic and convenient work surface that you can use to simplify viewing and referencing. Furthermore, systems include closed metal side panels that provide efficient dust protection to keep everything clean during nonuse. For a nominal fee, extra dividers are also available to give you more versatile storage. To simplify installation and ensure faster use, systems include easy do-it-yourself instructions. 

Metal flat print storage cabinets

flat print storage cabinetsMetal flat print storage cabinets are great if you have art graphics, maps, large drafting documents, and more that need protection from folding or rolling damage. Units have file drawers stacked in a compact, space-saving capacity that keeps dust out to ensure clean and safe material handling. During non-use, it provides a seamless look that adds clean and pleasing aesthetics to any space. This includes advertising agencies, architectural firms, and cultural museums that display archives to give the public access.

Architectural Revit Models

Through the support of durable components, all can organize and protect what you have from harmful environmental factors. This includes debris, insects, and light that can cause items to deteriorate and depreciate in value. Some features helping keep everything tidy and safe from overexposure to these damaging elements include:

  • Courtesy stops prevent drawers from rolling while in an open position, helping eliminate injury and ensure safe use while giving users full visible access.
  • Extra-strength drawer rails provide proper drawer alignment to ensure smooth operation without jamming.
  • Sturdy depressors and rear hoods keep stored documents organized and flat to prevent curling.
  • A positive closure mechanism ensures drawers shut to prevent harmful environmental factors from getting inside and damaging materials. 
  • Label holders located on drawer fronts help simplify material organization to eliminate retrieval errors that can slow productivity. Chrome drawer handles ensure the public has simple and comfortable item access.
  • Separate bases available to lift the systems off the floors and improve ergonomics.

The flat print storage units can also accommodate a few optional features designed to address material security, organization, and space optimization. These include:

  • Locks with two keys provide increased security to protect valued materials from unlawful theft and tampering.
  • Self-stick dividers (designed to fit five-drawer flat file cabinets only) separate space to maximize use and keep everything organized.

Oversized flat print storage wall racks

oversized flat print storage racksThese flat print storage wall racks are perfect if you have oversized works on paper to store and organize. This includes newspaper archives, art portfolio cases, and large mat boards that museums and more must protect. Made from all-steel construction, the durable solutions include adjustable shelving. Since the components have a flexible design, users can reconfigure the space to keep flat items from being damaged due to inefficient conditions or airflow. Furthermore, units span floor to ceiling to maximize vertical space use.  During retrieval, users have injury-free, ergonomic access to the boxed and rolled materials. 

Should you want extra dust protection or security against material theft and tampering, configurations allow simple hinged door integration. The components can have key or electronic locks that regulate access to protect items. Systems’ bottom kick plates (base front) help prevent objects from rolling underneath too.  Shelving parts also feature a no off-gassing powder-coat finish. Furthermore, units ship unassembled with do-it-yourself instructions to simplify installation and speed use.

Flat print storage wall racks

flat print storage wall racksEconomical flat print storage wall racks use vertical space to store plan drawings and other large documents off the floor, allowing facilities to have easy visual access. Units have metal pivoting hangers designed to simplify material browsing and removal. Systems also include spring-loaded metal mounting clips with wing knobs sturdy enough to protect and organize up to 100 plan drawing sheets. Furthermore, every clamp includes plastic label holders and cards that allow proper identification.

Archival facilities and more have safer access to the floor and can use it to accommodate other productive activities since systems mount to the wall. Users can also flip through items easily due to some components’ efficient pivoting capacity. It simplifies bringing whatever you need within ergonomic and easy-to-access reach. No one then risks their health and safety due to injury during retrieval. Furthermore, nothing gets damaged due to improper handling.

Flat print storage carts 

flat print storage cartsFlat print storage carts allow you to hang plan drawings in the same vertical position to ensure safekeeping. Unlike the wall racks, though, these roll on wheels to provide safe relocation and flexible space savings in an instant. Furthermore, users can transport everything to wherever needed with more efficiency and avoid wrinkling materials while hand-carrying them to work areas. No one risks their health and safety during this time since eliminating manual material handling.

With support from durable spring-loaded mounting clips to secure and organize 100 plan drawing sheets each, you can consolidate materials all in one affordable unit. It allows everyone to have easy and fast plan drawing access when up against deadlines. Architectural firms and more also use fewer systems to store blueprints, saving money on equipment.

Made from sturdy tubular steel construction, units feature a sand beige paint finish that provides a clean and pleasing look. If necessary, you can even make adjustments to the systems’ height and depth. All clamps include plastic label holders and cards to ensure organization and prevent identification errors.

Flat print storage dolly carts

flat print storage dolly cartsOther flat print storage carts or dollies give museums the mobile flexibility to relocate archival file cabinets whenever needed. Made from sturdy all- welded construction, systems can support up to 2,000-lb loads. Simply stack many cabinets on the platform bases to free up premium floor space. Staff then have access to the existing footprint and can reuse it to display another exhibit.

Pick from dolly trucks that come in many standard sizes or have experts design a custom solution that fits your application needs. All have wheels welded to the frame that provide safe transport and an ergonomic boost to protect cabinets from damage. With the trucks to help do the heavy lifting, no one gets injured while moving everything. Rather everyone feels safe and well enough to do more, like leading behind-the-scenes tours.

Buy rolled plan shelves & cabinets online

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