How to Clear the Clutter in Your Office & Get Organized

Reduce Clutter and Get OrganizedClutter is something everyone hates. We devote an entire season to getting organized and reducing clutter…spring cleaning anyone? While you can throw away or donate many of the items your office doesn’t need to hold onto, some things you really do need to keep.

And what’s more, you need a place to store all of these items. But before you put it all in filing cabinets, check out these other storage solutions that will help you clear the clutter in your office.

Shelving with Drawers for Small Office Supplies

Behind every cabinet door and on every shelf is a coffee cup devoted to storing pens and a can of full of paper clips. These small office supplies – pens, highlighters, paper clips, sticky notes, white out, etc. – accumulate all over your office, creating unnecessary clutter. And they take up a ridiculous amount of space.

A better place to store these items would be in drawers: specifically in shelving with drawers. While typically used in industrial facilities for storing small parts, shelving with drawers are a great solution for storing small office supplies.

The drawers are heavy-duty and can easily handle the weight of any amount of office supplies. Because you can add dividers to the drawers, you can store a variety of items within one drawer while still keeping everything organized. And most importantly, you’ll reduce the clutter that these items create.

Adjustable Shelving for Packages

Small businesses might not have an entire room or staff of people devoted to handling mail and packages. Yet you’ll still have mail and packages delivered to your office on a daily basis. And this wouldn’t be a big deal – except in most cases the packages sit by the door for days at a time before anyone claims them.

Instead of just using a table and stacking packages on top and around it, consider adjustable shelving. Keeping packages and mail in shelving reduces the cluttered appearance. And since the shelves can be adjusted to fit every size package, you won’t have to worry about the packages not fitting in the space.

Wood Lockers for Personal Items

So what happens to their personal items (purses, jackets, umbrellas, laptops, briefcases, etc.) when your employees have a very tiny workspace? Typically, it ends up all over their desks, on the back of the chair, or even on the floor. And what happens when a very important client comes in for a meeting or you’re showing the office to a potential employee? Not the best first impression.

While you can’t offer a private office with large storage space to every employee (who has the space for that!), you can offer them a small wood locker for storing their personal items.

And when you just don’t have the time or energy to declutter and organize, you can just cover everything up with rolling security doors!