4 File Storage Systems Every Business Should Own

business file storage systemsEver since the advent of the copy machine, businesses are storing more paper than ever. And as much as we talk about going paperless, that just doesn’t seem to be happening any time soon. So what are you to do with the piles of files all over your office? If you said keep them in lateral file cabinets, you’d be wrong. There are so many alternatives – both big and small – to lateral cabinets that will easily organize all of your paper. Here are the top 4 file storage systems that your business should own.

1. Sliding Mobile Shelves

Sliding mobile shelves are the modern answer to the lateral cabinet. The shelves use way less space, can store more than just files, are easy to access, and can be secured with doors. Your holiday decorations can be kept in the back shelves, while all your active files are stored up front. This set-up ensures that stored items are centralized to improve productivity.

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2. Mail Sorters

Do you have a bunch of files on your desk? Or a large amount of brochures and forms? Either way, there’s a mail sorter that can store any type of paperwork you’ve got because they aren’t just for mail anymore. Use a small desktop mail sorter on your desk to organize files. Then put a large one in the office to manage brochures and forms.

3. Oblique Shelf Organizers

Have you ever actually used that space overhead in your cubicle, or is it mostly just a junk drawer? With the Oblique shelf organizer it becomes file storage. The compartments hang down to easily organize and store files.

4. Rotary File Cabinets

Double the storage capacity, plus space for other items besides files, AND the ability to lock up: You get all of this with rotary file cabinets. The cabinets can also be used to divide large areas or they fit in tight corners.

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