Herbarium Cabinets for Storing Your Plant Specimen Collection

The Importance of Your Herbarium CollectionOpen Herbarium Cabinets Storing Plant Specimens

Without your herbarium, the study of plants would not be possible. Harvard University’s Herbaria and Library states, “As we lose natural habitats the world over, herbaria increasingly serve as a record of the recent history of plant life, and as a repository of precious genetic information. Herbaria hold the tools for our understanding of the plant world.”

The Special Care You Take to Preserve Plant Specimens

As botanists and mycologists, you take special care to preserve the form and color of plant specimens – carefully drying, pressing, mounting, and labeling them. Then after all that work, you store your collection in a cabinet or on shelving. But the next thing you know…everything has wasted away! What happened!?

Cabinets that Work as Hard as You Do to Maintain Your Collection

You probably used inferior cabinets or shelving. With the massive amount of work you do to ensure your herbarium collection is mounted and labeled correctly, you need to be using cabinets that will work just as hard to keep everything safe. StoreMoreStore has cabinets that are designed for the express purpose of herbaria archival and storage.Herbarium Cabinet Shelf for Botanists

The many features of our cabinets – paint that is non-gassing and non-reactive, heavy duty steel construction, a sealed and waterproof top – make them a secure investment in the protection of your herbarium collection. And if your collection is at risk for water damage from fire suppression systems or insect attacks, these cabinets offer the maximum protection available.

Protect and Store Your Herbarium Collection in the Right Cabinets

Your specimens are what allow people to understand the relationships between plants; how they are distributed throughout the world; ways in which plants can be used to help our economy; and the science behind their molecular composition. So why not make sure they are protected the right way: in a cabinet from StoreMoreStore.