Tambour Door Cabinets | Open Shelving with Rolling Doors

Extra Security, Storage Flexibility and Space Savings – All in One CabinetTambour Door Cabinets on Sliding Track System

The problem with lateral cabinets is that they don’t offer many storage options, and they take up a significant amount of space. The only good thing about them is that you can lock them up to secure stored files. Unlike lateral cabinets, open shelving offers more flexibility for storing items other than files, and they utilize space much better. Too bad there’s no way to secure stored items in open shelving without adding cumbersome hinged doors that eat up space in front of the them. If you’re looking for security, flexibility and space savings, where can you turn? To StoreMoreStore. Our tambour door cabinets offer all of these features, all in one cabinet. (check out all of our available tambour door cabinet options).

A Variety of Tambour Door Cabinets for Everything You Need to Store

Individual Tambour Door CabinetTambour door cabinets are stylish multifunctional storage cabinets that store all types of materials – files, books, binders, computer media, and much more. The tambour doors slide into the side walls of the cabinet to avoid intruding into the room’s space. This way you get all the storage benefits of open shelving without any of the usual drawbacks.

The tambour door cabinets are available in three widths (36″, 42″ and 47-1/4″) and three heights (38″, 61-1/2″ and 83″). All cabinets are 17-3/4″ deep. Also, interior shelves come with a backstop that adjusts to 14-3/4″, 12-1/4″, or 11″ to match the depth of the materials you are storing.

Sliding Track Systems Save Even More SpaceTambour Door Cabinets Store Files Boxes and Computer Media

Tambour door cabinets can be purchased as individual cabinets or on space saving sliding track systems. The sliding track system gives you even more space savings because the one row of cabinets is attached to tracks and placed in front of a stationary back row of cabinets. To access items in the back row, you simply slide the front row over; it’s that easy to double your storage capacity in half the space! Sliding track systems are available in two-deep and three-deep configurations, depending on your business’ needs.

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StoreMoreStore has both stationary and sliding track tambour door cabinets available online. If you need any assistance or have any questions, give us a call at 1-855-786-7667.