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Efficient and Space Saving Poster Storage Solutionsposter cubby shelves are a space saving poster storage solution

Are you having trouble finding an efficient way to store your posters? StoreMoreStore has numerous efficient and space-saving poster storage solutions for you. Whether you’re storing movie posters, sports memorabilia posters, educational information posters, music posters, historical posters, medical posters, our poster storage systems will meet your specific needs.

Poster Storage Solution 1: Storing them Rolled in Cubby Shelves

A great way to save space is by storing them rolled in cubby shelves. The cubby shelves are a cost-efficient way to make sure your valuable posters don’t get crushed or damaged. Our online store has a variety of dimensional and opening selections available for our cubby shelves. (Shop our selection of cubby shelves for storing rolled posters)

Architectural Revit Models

store posters in flat file cabinets

Poster Storage Solution 2: Keeping them in Flat File Cabinets

If you are worried about rolling up your posters to store them, we also have flat file cabinets available. These self-contained cabinets will keep your posters flat and orderly, so you can rest assured they won’t be torn or maimed. Also, the flat file cabinets won’t off-gas, which will also keep posters safe. (Find different sizes of flat file cabinets at our online store)

Architectural Revit Models

Poster Storage Solution 3: Oversized Compartmentsoversized compartments for poster storage

Maybe you already have storage shelving or a place you want to keep posters, but you’re looking for something to hold your posters. Well, we have oversized compartments that will work perfectly for poster storage. These oversized compartments will hold your posters flat for long-term protection and preservation. (Buy oversized compartments for poster storage)

Shop Online for All of Our Poster Storage Solutions

You can find all of these poster storage solutions online at StoreMoreStore. If you can’t find any of the poster storage solutions you are looking for, call us toll-free at 1-855-786-7667 to see what other options are available.