Roller Shelving | Docket Book and Deed Book Storage

Roller Shelving for Efficient Docket Book and Deed Book StorageRoller Shelving for Docket Book and Deed Book Storage

Docket book and deed book storage can be a challenge for county clerks that are in charge of maintaining them. There are so many deed books because of the massive amount of property ownership records, and so many docket books because a complete history of every court case has to be retained. In addition, the books take up a lot of room on shelves when stored upright. StoreMoreStore has Roller Shelving specifically designed to efficiently store docket books and deed books.

Accessing Docket Books and Deed Books is Easy with Roller Shelving

Roller Shelving Book StorageWith our Roller Shelving, docket books and deed books are stored on their side. The shelving stores books (up to 5 1/8 inches high) with almost no space in between the openings to maximize the amount of books that will fit in the Roller Shelving. The reason it is called Roller Shelving is because each self has a set of rollers. The docket and deed books sit on top of the rollers so that when you pull the books off the shelf they will easily slide out.

Additional Features of the Roller Shelving

Below are some of the features and options of the Roller Shelving.

•    Standard shelving width is 42 inches
•    Openings available in either 5 ¼ inches or 3 ¼ inchesDocket Book and Deed Book Storage Shelving
•    Comes in a wide range of heights and depths
•    Available in 19 standard colors
•    Comes with closed side panels
•    Includes front base
•    Made in the USA

Buy Roller Shelving Online

We have all kinds of Roller Shelving available online that will meet your docket book and deed book storage needs. And don’t forget, if you need any help making a decision or have any questions please give us a toll free call at 1-855-786-7667 or send us a message.