Pocket Handles for Redrope File Pockets and Expanding File Gussets

Color coded file labeling Tabbies handles Tyvek file handle Tear resistant labelsPocket Handles Make Retrieving Files Easier

Are you tired of searching through your redrope file pockets for a client file, grabbing it, tearing the expanding gusset, and then finding out it wasn’t even the file you were looking for? Instead of wasting time, energy, and money replacing expanding file pockets because of torn and ripped expanding gussets, add a Tabbies® File Pocket handle to grab onto. Tabbies File Pocket handles allow you to retrieve redrope files with ease because they are made with Tyvek®, which prevents the tearing of expanding file pocket gussets. The Tabbies Tyvek handles also serve as an easy way to identify file name labels and are color coded for quick and easy recognition.

How Tabbies File Pocket Handles Work

Tabbies File Pocket handles adhere to each side of your redrope file pockets and allow you to pull the tear resistant label instead of the expanding file pocket gusset. The Tabbies File Pocket handles won’t rip when Redrope file handles Expanding file gusset name labels Tear resistant labels legal file pocket labelsyou pull them because they are made of the tear resistant material Tyvek, which is the same material used in high quality tear resistant shipping envelopes.

Additional Benefits of Tabbies Redrope File Pocket Handles

Tabbies File Pocket handles have a white writing area for labeling your expanding file pockets for fast and efficient file identification. Also, redrope file pocket handles come in different colors that can be used to classify different groups of files for even easier identification. Now when you are looking for a file you don’t have to read every label, you can just look for the corresponding color, which is a better solution since it’s easier to remember and identify colors than it is to read black and white writing.

Tear resistant legal file handles Redrope Tyvek pocket labels Tabbies pull handlesFeatures of Tabbies File Pocket Handles

• Available in 6 colors for quick identification and classification of redrope file pocket types
• Made of tough Tyvek resistant material to protect your expanding file pocket gussets from being torn from normal wear and tear
• Large area to write a file name for quick identification
• Labels come with tick marks to make for easy installation on 1-3/4″, 3-1/2″, and 5-1/4″ expansion redrope file pockets
• Handle dimensions: 9-5/8″ x 2″
• Optional Mylar® label clear protectors to guard the file pocket name label from dirt.

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