Oblique Green Eco-Friendly Filing Products or Office File Folder Solution

Oblique’s Eco-Friendly Filing Products make your Office Filing Solution Green

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Oblique All Sizes Hanging File Folder Compartments for small envelopes to large plan drawings

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The workload is increasing so much that we hardly have time for anything or anyone these days. Yet someone, somehow, planted this strange thought in my mind that I am now, all too conscious about.  It’s about our environment and how we can be the best stewards of it with the resources given to us. Something as seemingly insignificant as a filing system can help contribute to a toxin-free green office file environment.

Finding an air of relief for my office needs – Oblique’s Eco Stor by Toureg® filing system. This is a biodegradable, chlorine-free filing system. Now, as a proud employee of an organization, who cares not only for its employees but also for the environment they live in, I decided to learn more about Oblique’s eco-friendly filing solution.

Oblique has quite a good line up of eco-friendly filing products and storage systems. The way they replace the old messy and not so eco-friendly drawer-style filing system with the hanging file system is really convenient. The greener advantages of Oblique’s Eco Stor by Toureg&regj line are as follows:

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  • They are made from 100% biodegradable and emissions free products
  • No heavy metal is used in the filing system, 100% clean
  • The label holders are made from polymer extracted sugar
  • The paper products are from Paper by Nature, an organization dedicated to promote eco-friendly usage of paper
  • 100% natural and chlorine free
  • pH neutral and acid free

So, you now have every reason to change your old filing system into the new eco friendly filing system. If you are an employer and want to promote green living in your office, you must visit us at storemorestore.com to read more about these wonderful products. They are offering some of the best deals available on storage and Eco-Friendly Filing System online. Visit and order now to make a deal that is best for everyone.

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