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5 Different Uses for Garment Storage Racks

museum uniforms in garment storage racksAt home it might be acceptable to leave clothes piled up on the floor, but anywhere else, it’s a pretty bad idea. But sometimes it’s challenging to find a solution that’s both affordable and practical for your needs. That’s why we’ve just added a bunch of new garment storage racks to our existing offerings. These garment racks are ideal for a variety of applications like…

1. Theater Costumes

Everyone that’s ever worked in or participated in theater knows that the creative spirit can sometimes be messy. You also know that costumes are expensive and budgets are usually small. But the costumes are a huge part of the story you’re telling. How would you know it’s a Shakespeare play if everyone was dressed in modern clothes? Keeping all your costumes preserved and organized is essential – and easy to do with the garment racks.

2. Church Choir Robes

Just like theaters, churches typically operate on small budgets. Most of the money raised gets put back into the church itself or gets put to use through charity work. You need to make sure your church choir robes last through multiple performances and many people wearing them. Storing them hanging on racks ensures they’re safe from damage.

3. K-12 Classrooms

lab coats hanging on rolling garment storage racksKids are rambunctious to say the least. And they’re also prone to accidents. The phrase “don’t run with scissors” isn’t said for nothing. Keeping jackets and coats out of the way in the classroom helps to prevent any kind of tripping hazard.

4. Small Museums

While the big-boys in the museum world might get all the attention, small community museums are what preserve local history. They play an important role in keeping us informed about what’s  happened in our towns over the years. Part of that history includes the clothing and dress of generations past. And since these types of garments are so sensitive, you can’t just leave them piled in a corner. The garment racks are an excellent solution since they are right-sized for your small museum.

5. Laboratory Coats

Working in a research facility or clean room, you’re going to have a lab coat. And making sure it’s there when you need to put it on saves time and helps you do your job. The garment storage racks keep your coat closer to the point of use so that you can focus on your job, not searching for a missing lab coat.

Find Your Garment Storage Racks Online Now

If you need a garment storage rack, you’ll find our large selection here online. And if you need any help picking the right one or have any questions, please don’t hesitate to give us a call at 1-855-786-7667.


Freestanding Garment Racks for Businesses Storing Hanging Clothes

Clothes aren’t just hanging in our closets at home. Many businesses store garments likesingle tier freestanding garment rack for hanging clothes

  • Costume shops and theaters store performance outfits
  • Schools store marching band uniforms
  • Universities store athletic clothes and jerseys
  • Churches store choir robes
  • Police departments store uniforms
  • Medical facilities store lab coats and scrubs

Keeping garments organized and properly stored is essential for their preservation. Our solution for your business is freestanding garment racks. The freestanding garment racks are constructed from commercial quality steel to offer exceptional strength and durability; something you just won’t get from the cheap, flimsy wire racks.

Features of the Freestanding Garment Rackstwo level freestanding hanging garment rack for business storage

  • Available with one or two rods
  • Depths: 24″ and 30″
  • Widths: 30″, 36″, 42″, and 48″
  • Height: 76-1/4″
  • Powder coat finish that’s scratch and corrosion resistant
  • Available in 20 different colors
  • Designed to sit against a wall or stand in the middle of the floor
  • Side panels (uprights) made of 18 gauge steel
  • Shelves and brackets are adjustable on 1-1/2″ centers
  • Comes with two 2″ kick plates
  • Easy assembly with only a rubber mallet
  • Made in the U.S.A.

Shop Now for Your Freestanding Garment Racks

If you need to customize your freestanding garment racks, it’s not a problem! Just some of the ways you can personalize the freestanding garment racks for your clothing storage include locking doors to make them into cabinets; adding drawers for shoes or folded items; including back panels; or incorporating pull out reference shelves. All you have to do is give us a call at 1-855-786-7667.

Want the freestanding garment racks just the way they are? Then, visit us online and shop now!