Police Storage

Temporary Pistol Storage Lockers & Portable Gun Boxes

With the open carry law taking effect in Texas, many businesses and government facilities may be considering pistol and small firearm storage more than they had before. We offer a wide variety of pistol and handgun storage options to suit your budget, storage capacity, and space needs.

Freestanding Pistol Storage Lockers

Freestanding pistol lockers are available with a combination of small and large compartments, or with a large number of small compartments for storing pistols. With several configurations available, the lockers allow you to maximize your weapons storage for when you need to store a large number of handguns in a small and secure area. The lockers ship fully assembled and ready to use.

  • Modular construction
  • Cabinets are standard 12″ deep
  • All hand gun door openings are 6″ x 14″
  • Full size front door allows inspection of all compartments
  • 16 gauge steel locker body & 18 gauge steel locker doors
  • 1/8″ neoprene liner on shelves

Wall Mounted Pistol Lockers

Wall-mounted handgun lockers can be installed surface- or flush-mounted to the wall in entryways or anywhere that requires secure temporary storage of firearms. Multiple configurations and numbers of compartments are available ranging from two to ten openings. The all-welded modular construction of the lockers provides rugged durability and security for years of consistent use.

  • Each locker compartment is large enough for pistol and ammunition
  • Lockers can be easily added to if your storage needs increase
  • 1/8″ neoprene liner on shelves protects stored weapons and ammunition
  • High quality powder coat paint textured finish
  • Pre-drilled mounting holes and mounting hardware
  • Number tags provided on each compartment

wall mounted pistol storage locker sizes

Portable Pistol Storage Boxes

The portable pistol and handgun boxes allow users to safely store and transport weapons without the risk of unauthorized use. Three box sizes are available with convenient carrying handles, each with custom-fitted washable cushioned interiors to prevent damage to stored contents. Your choice of padlock hasps or push-button interlocks are available.

  • Lightweight
  • Carrying handles
  • Your choice of locking devices
  • Fully welded construction
  • Durable textured powder coat finish

Buy Pistol Storage Lockers & Boxes Online

Temporary pistol storage lockers and portable gun boxes are available to buy online. We would also be happy to help assist you with deciding which pistol storage solutions would work best for you. For more information or to receive additional assistance, call us at 1-855-786-7667.


Firearm Evidence Storage Racks for Hanging Rifle & Handgun Bags

firearm evidence storage racks hanging handgunsOnce you’ve collected firearm evidence, you have to put it somewhere. You must give careful consideration to chain of custody and preservation, especially with firearms. Many times officers store rifles and handguns in bags. The bags are easy to label and can be sealed up tight. But once the property room tech gets the bag, it can be cumbersome to store. The solution to this problem is our firearm evidence storage racks. These racks are specially designed for hanging rifle and handgun bags. (Get your firearm evidence storage racks here.)

Why Choose Firearm Evidence Storage Racks

Keeping the bags hanging makes it easy to organize and store them. And because firearm evidence is stored in bags, it takes up less space. But without the racks, you’ll have a much harder time managing the bags. The racks are adjustable, allowing you to customize your storage to fit your needs. Also, the firearm evidence storage racks are easy to assemble and move for when you need to make a change.

Features of the Firearm Evidence Storage Racks

The firearm evidence storage racks have adjustable rod assemblies for the various sized hanging rifle and handgun bags. (Find hanging bags online here.) The bags easily hook onto the rods similar to a clothing hanger. And with several sizes of firearm evidence storage racks available, you’re sure to find exactly what you need for your property room.hanging rifles firearm evidence storage racks

Specifications for the racks include:

  • hanging rods are adjustable on 1.5″ centers.
  • all steel construction.
  • front bottom kick plate base.
  • choice of 20 standard colors
  • open or closed vertical side panels.

Shop Now for Firearm Evidence Storage Racks

You’ll find every style and size of firearm evidence storage racks at our online store here. We also have the rifle and handgun bags, if you need those too. And as always, we are here to answer any questions you might have or provide assistance in picking out a rack for your property room. Just give us a call at 1-855-786-7667.


Turnout Lockers for Storing Firefighter Gear

storing firefighter gear in turnout lockersTo respond quickly in an emergency situation, firefighters need to be ready to go at a moment’s notice. That means all of their gear needs to be organized and easily accessible. And when the job is done, firefighters need a place to store and dry that same gear. That’s why we offer turnout lockers specially designed for storing firefighter gear. (Find our selection of turnout lockers online here.)

Why Choose Turnout Lockers for Storing Your Gear

The interior of the turnout lockers includes rods, hooks, shelves, and security boxes to store all types of gear: uniforms, helmets, boots, and personal items. The open fronts ensure that all of the stored gear is easily accessible when the alarm bell rings. And the expanded metal sides provide maximum ventilation to promote drying.

The turnout lockers are designed to be mounted to the wall off the floor. The all-welded galvanized corrosion-resistant steel and paint provides a lifetime of maintenance-free use for your fire station.

Features of the Turnout Lockers for Firefighter Gearturnout lockers for firefighter gear storage

Additional features of the turnout lockers for storing firefighter gear include:

  • Frame & Body: 16 gauge hollow “T” tubular frame with 16 gauge galvanized corrosion-resistant steel backs and 13 gauge 1/2″ flattened expanded metal sides.
  • Shelves: One galvanized hat/intermediate shelf and 1 fixed hat shelf
  • Stainless Steel Coat Rod: 1″ diameter stainless steel tubing full width coat rod supported by formed side hooks attached to underside of shelf.
  • Hooks: Two single prong hooks at back and two hooks at coat rod ends.
  • Finish: cleaned and coated after fabrication with a seven stage zinc/iron phosphate solution to inhibit corrosion, followed by a coat of high grade custom blend powder to provide a tough durable textured finish.
  • Ships fully assembled; ready to mount and use in minutes
  • Made in America with a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty

Shop Now for Turnout Lockers to Store Firefighter Gear

You’ll find all of our turnout lockers online at StoreMoreStore. And if you have any questions or need help selecting a locker, give us a call at 1-855-786-7667.


Police Heavy-Duty Ammo Storage Cabinets are Safe & Secure

police ammo storage cabinet with adjustable shelvesYou know that your police department’s ammunition needs to be safe and secure. Ammo can’t just be thrown on the shelf and forgotten about, especially not when the costs keep going up. Ammo also has to be protected from unauthorized access, yet easily accessible when it’s needed. At StoreMoreStore, we provide law enforcement agencies with heavy-duty ammo storage cabinets that will meet all of your demands.

Versatility of the Ammo Storage Cabinets

Our ammo storage cabinets are designed to keep your ammunition organized and protected. With either eight or ten shelves, you’ll be able to maximize the amount of ammo you can store in the cabinet. Because the shelves are adjustable, the cabinet will work with the ammo you have now and adapt when your ammo storage needs change in the future. And the ammo cabinets are also capable of storing handguns or other weapons.

Ammo Storage Cabinet Features

The ammo storage cabinets are welded construction using heavy-duty ventilated steel side walls and doors to enhance airflow and visual inspection of stored items. The doors are steel reinforced with full length piano hinges and extended locking bars. Also the ammo cabinets feature a five-point locking mechanism and come with a key lock and padlock hasp. The cabinet is powder coated and available in four different colors.

More Storage for Your Police Department

Our ammo storage cabinets are just one of our many storage solutions for police and law enforcement departments. We also have a variety of wall mounted and freestanding gun lockers for handguns and long guns, specially designed vehicle weapon safes, and personal gear storage lockers.

We are here to help. If you have any questions about our storage products for law enforcement or need help, please give us a call at 1-855-786-7667.



Police Department Firearm Storage Boxes, Cabinets & Safes

There’s no way around it – police departments have a lot of firearms to store, which means they need a lot of options for different situations. At StoreMoreStore we have a variety of firearm storage solutions for temporary weapon storage and long-term evidence storage that will keep guns safe, secure, organized, and easily accessible.

Handgun Storage Boxes

Our handgun storage boxes are made for safe secuhandgun storage box for police firearm storagere storage and transit. They are constructed from heavy-duty white corrugated cardboard and feature locking tabs that keep the lid securely closed. You can label the edge of the handgun storage box for quick identification and retrieval.

Keeping handgun evidence in boxes limits the amount of contact people will have with the firearm to maintain its integrity. Also, the boxes make storing handguns long-term easier since everything is uniform in size and will fit nicely on your shelving.

Long Gun Storage Boxes

These storage boxes are just like the above handgun style except they are specifically designed for long guns like rifles. An advantage to using boxes for storing long guns includes better preservation of biological evidence.

wall-mounted gun cabinets for temporary firearm storageSurfaces may have latent fingerprints while a checkered stock may contain epithelial cells. There is also the possibility that the long gun may have other types of bodily fluids. And all of this DNA evidence will be better preserved if kept in a container, such as the long gun storage box.

Wall-Mounted Gun Cabinets

Wall-mounted gun cabinets are the ideal solution for temporary handgun storage. The cabinets can be used in a variety of environments from interview rooms, common areas, courthouses, or any other place that requires the utmost in handgun security.

All of our wall-mounted gun cabinets are designed for durability and rigidity to provide the highest level of security for your stored weapons. And while the outside is tough, the inside is lined with neoprene to protect stored guns from damage. Also, depending on which type of gun cabinet, there are both keyed and combination locks available.

Police Vehicle Weapon SafesVehicle Trunk Weapon Lockers for Police Officer Cars and SUVs

Most police officers keep their long guns mounted beside them in their vehicles, which can be uncomfortable since the guns are bulky and take up a lot of space. Another problem is that weapons stored in plain sight makes them attractive to thieves.

The police vehicle weapon safes store all types of guns safely and securely in the trunk of your car or SUV. Access is easy with just the push of a button, yet long guns remain secure with a tamper-resistant lock.

Firearm Storage Solutions and More for Your Police Department

These are just a few of our solutions specifically designed for firearm storage. Check out all of our police department storage solutions on our website. And if you can’t find what you’re looking for or need assistance, please give us a call at 1-855-786-7667.


Public Safety Storage Lockers for Guns, Ammo & Personal Gear

Working in public safety, you’re tasked with carrying a lot more stuff with you than the average person – tactical gear, guns, ammo, handcuffs, a radio, a flash light, etc. The only places you have to store everything is on your person, in the car, and at the station.

Although we might not be able to offer you a place to store your gear on your person, we definitely have solutions for storing your guns, ammo, and personal gear while you’re in your vehicle or at the station. Our public safety storage lockers are designed to store all your stuff, keep it locked up tight, and give you easy access to everything you need.

Police Vehicle Storage LockersVehicle Trunk Weapon Lockers for Police Officer Cars and SUVs

Police vehicle storage lockers store pistols, rifles, ammunition, shotguns, magazines and other equipment safely and securely in your trunk. And the lockers can be installed in any police vehicle or SUV. Features and benefits include:

  • Lockers can be accessed by the press of a button.
  • Trunk mounting allows enough room for law enforcement radios.
  • Uses no floor space in trunk, providing more storage space.
  • Includes master-key override in case of a dead battery.
  • Hardened steel tamper-resistant lock

Handgun & Long Gun Storage LockersHandgun Storage Lockers

All of our hand gun and long gun storage lockers are designed for durability and rigidity to provide the highest level of security for stored weapons. And while the outside is tough, the inside is lined with neoprene to protect stored guns from damage. Also, depending on which type of gun locker, there are both keyed and combination locks available.

Personal Gear Storage Lockers

Why should you use personal gear storage lockers? Here are just a few reasons:Personal Gear Storage Lockers

  • Keeps gear at work at all times
  • Expensive items are locked up and protected
  • Keeps body armor and uniforms dry
  • Centralizes gear in one easy to access location
  • Secures weapons and ammo
  • Large enough to store all police gear

Shop Now for Public Safety Storage Lockers from StoreMoreStore

You can find all of our public safety storage lockers online here. Along with the storage lockers, we have a variety of other storage solutions for law enforcement. And if you have any questions or need any help, please feel free to give us a call at 1-855-786-7667.




Inmate Personal Property Storage Bags for Juvenile Detention Centers

Clear In-Cell Personal Property Storage BagsJuvenile detention centers have many of the same needs as prisons and jails for adults. Inmates arrive with property that needs to be stored while they are incarcerated, and they also keep personal property in their cells. StoreMoreStore offers a variety of personal property storage bags for juvenile detention centers.

Clear In-Cell Personal Property Storage Bags

These clear property storage bags offer efficient storage for inmate belongings while they’re in the juvenile detention center. The clear bags are designed for maximum efficiency by standardizing size and quantity of inmate property. Features of the bags include:

  • Opaque for ease of inspection
  • Easy open Velcro top
  • Collapsible fire resistant fabric
  • Vinyl scrim reinforced material for extreme durability
  • Mesh ventilation on end panel
  • Available in two sizes

Mesh In-Cell Personal Property Storage BagsMesh In-Cell Personal Property Storage Bags

These efficient, reusable personal property bags are constructed of lightweight mesh to keep cost down. They are also an excellent alternative to hard-side in-cell units that can be broken and fashioned into weapons. Features of the bags include:

  • Collapsible bag takes up little shelf space
  • Easy open Velcro top
  • Vinyl reinforced bottom
  • Mesh material for easy inspection
  • Mesh box will not hold liquids
  • Reinforced handles are standard

Inmate Property & Evidence Storage Bags

The reusable soft-sided bags provide secure storage for personal property and evidence and work great for organizing items stored on shelves. When not in use the bags will neatly store flat to save space. Features of the property and evidence storage bags include:

  • Lockable for security during storage or transport of property
  • Clear document sleeve on front provides instant record review
  • Heavy duty nylon web handles on each end
  • Brass zipper can be secured with numbered seals or padlocks
  • Nylon reinforced vinyl tarpaulin (meets California Fire Marshal Code)

Hanging Garment Property Storage BagsHanging Garment Property Storage Bags

These solid nylon mesh garment storage bags include reinforced vinyl at the top and bottom and have lockable zippers to secure entire contents of the bag. Features of the bags include:

  • Mesh construction provides maximum ventilation to garments
  • Complete with removable heavy gauge chrome-plated hanger
  • Designed for use with stationary or revolving conveyor systems
  • Features extra-durable seams
  • Includes document sleeve and inside pocket with Velcro closure

Find more personal property storage bags for your juvenile detention center at StoreMoreStore. And if you have any questions or need help, give us a call at 1-855-786-7667.



Vehicle Trunk Weapon Lockers for Police Officer Cars & SUVs

How Most Police Officers Store Weapons in Their VehiclesVehicle Trunk Weapon Lockers for Police Officer Cars and SUVs

Most police officers keep their shotguns/rifles mounted right beside them in their vehicles. While storing guns this way gives officers quick access, most of the time it just makes them uncomfortable because the guns are bulky and take up a lot of interior space. Another problem with storing weapons this way is that they’re in plain sight, which is attractive to thieves. In fact, there have been cases where cop cars have been broken into and guns stolen because they were in plain sight.

Why Vehicle Trunk Weapon Lockers are Better for Storing Guns & Ammo

police officer gun lockers for vehicles keep weapons secureBut what can police officers do? They need their rifles and handguns in their vehicles to protect and serve, and so far, there aren’t any better options, at least not until now. StoreMoreStore offers a revolutionary new product specifically designed for police to store their handguns, shotguns, knives, ammo, and any other weapon safely and securely in their cars: vehicle trunk weapon lockers. These innovative vehicle trunk weapon lockers give officers the security of the trunk and the security of the weapons storage vault.

Features of the Vehicle Trunk Weapon Lockers

The locker is mounted in the trunk of police vehicles with the visible part of the locker carpet covered black to blend in. It opens by electric impulse from either a hidden button or wireless remote key fob. There is also a master key provided with each locker to allow access in case of vehicle power failure. Also, the lock will withstand severe tampering because it is made of hardened steel. And you get all this without using any floor space in your trunk.

Below is a list of the cars and SUVs that can be fitted with a vehicle trunk weapon locker.

Police Cars and SUVs that can use the Trunk Gun Locker

Shop Now for Vehicle Trunk Weapon Lockers from StoreMoreStore

You can buy vehicle trunk weapon lockers online at StoreMoreStore. Our goal is to provide your law enforcement agency with quality products, so if you need any help or have any questions, give us a call at 1-855-786-7667.


Police Gear Lockers for Law Enforcement Personal Property

police gear lockers with closed doorsPolice Gear is More Complex Than Ever Before

Over the years the quantity and type of gear that police officers store has gotten increasingly complex. In the past, officers only carried a holster, handcuffs, and a club. Now they have one or two pairs of handcuffs; a semi automatic pistol; extra ammunition magazines; a communications radio; a hand-held flashlight; and gloves. In addition to all this gear, they have body armor, uniforms, and multiple types of shoes.

Making sure all of this gear is properly stored is essential to getting the job done. At StoreMoreStore, we offer a wide variety of police gear lockers that can store all of the many items police officers are required to carry. (Shop now for different sizes of police gear lockers)

Reasons for Using Police Gear Lockerspolice gear lockers with doors and drawers open

There are many reasons for using lockers to store gear including,

  • Keeps gear at work at all times
  • Expensive items are locked up and protected
  • Keeps body armor and uniforms dry
  • Centralizes gear in one easy to access location
  • Secures weapons and ammo
  • Large enough to store all police gear

Features of the Police Gear Lockers

Features of the police gear lockers include,lockers for law enforcement personal property storage

  • All steel construction
  • Pull-out drawer (200# capacity)
  • One chrome plated hanging garment rod 24″
  • One full width shelf and two adjustable 12″ wide half shelves
  • Ventilated double doors with padlock handle
  • Heavy-duty security top
  • Leveling glides
  • Environmentally friendly powder coat paint finish
  • Ships knocked down, easy to setup and install
  • Available in 16 different colors

Shop Now for Police Gear Lockers from StoreMoreStore

You can find a variety of police gear lockers online from StoreMoreStore. And if you have any questions or need any help, please feel free to give us a call at 1-855-786-7667.


Gun Lockers & Cabinets for Courthouses | Safely Store Weapons in Courtrooms

What Happens When You Need to Store a Gun at Your Courthouse?

Gun Lockers and Cabinets for CourthousesGuns are not allowed in courthouses, although there is some variation to the law in each state regarding who (meaning which type of officer) is allowed to have a weapon. But what happens when someone is legally carrying a gun and needs to enter the courthouse? What are they supposed to do with their gun?

In most cases the courthouse provides gun lockers or cabinets for the general public, attorneys, public agency employees, and police officers to use. Making sure your courthouse is using a secure gun locker or cabinet is essential to protecting people’s safety. Because when a gun goes missing, it’s a major security concern like what happened at the Beaver County Courthouse.

Our Gun Lockers & Cabinets for Courthouses

StoreMoreStore has a variety of gun lockers and cabinets that will secure firearms in your courthouse. Here is just some of what we offer:

We can also work with you to custom design a gun locker or cabinet solution for your courthouse.

Features of Our Gun Lockers & Cabinets

All of our gun lockers and cabinets are designed for durability and rigidity to provide the highest level of security for stored weapons. And while the outside is tough, the inside is lined with neoprene to protect stored guns from damage. Also, depending on which type of gun locker or cabinet you choose, there are both keyed and combination locks available.

Buy Gun Lockers & Cabinets for Your Courthouse

Shop online now at StoreMoreStore to find the right gun locker or cabinet for your courthouse. And if you have any questions or need any help, please give us a call at 1-855-786-7667.