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Conference Tables for Your Boardroom and Office at Great Prices

boat shaped conference tables for boardroomsWe Have an Extensive Variety of Conference Tables to Meet All Your Needs

A conference table is used for multiple purposes such as office luncheons, client presentations, and team meetings, so you want to make sure you have the right one for your boardroom or office space. A long rectangular table works great in large rooms while a round table makes sense for small rooms used for quick meetings. At StoreMoreStore we have a wide selection of conference tables to meet your specific requirements.

Conference Table Optionssmall or large rectangular conference tables available

  • Rectangular Conference Tables– Whether you’re looking to seat a large group or a few people, our 30’ or 6’ tables will work for you. They combine traditional styling with several technology-friendly features. You also have a choice between two beautiful finishes, Sierra Cherry or Mahogany.
  • Boat-shaped Conference Tables– Our 10’ conference table is perfect for the office meeting or to spread out paperwork. It combines fashionable aesthetics with unparalleled quality in a package that is surprisingly affordable. This table includes 2 grommets and accepts power module for power and data access to operate computers and presentation equipment during meetings.
  • Round Conference Tables– The 42” or 48” tables have a transitional style that allows them to fit into any environment whether it is a modular multi-station work areas or executive office while providing exceptional abrasion and stain resistance along with technology and cable friendly components.
  • Racetrack Conference Tables– These tables are available in either 8’ or 6’ widths. There are two equally beautiful finishes to chose from, Cherry or Mocha. Both tables come standard with grommets; the 8’ tables with two and the 6’ table with one.

Shop Now at StoreMoreStore for A New Conference Tableracetrack conference tables with with grommets

Shop online now at StoreMoreStore to choose a functional and attractive conference table for your office or boardroom today! If you have any questions, give us a call at our toll free number 1-855-786-7667 or send us a message.


Ergonomic Height Adjustable Computer Desks and Workbenches

Work Safe with Ergonomic Height Adjustable Computer Desks and WorkbenchesErgonomic Height Adjustable Computer Desks

Employers and employees are accustomed to chairs that are height adjustable because of the increased focus on ergonomics and health. However, proper workplace ergonomics shouldn’t just be limited to chairs; they should extend to all work surfaces. That is why StoreMoreStore offers great deals on all types of ergonomic height adjustable computer desks and workbenches.

Ergonomic Height Adjustable WorkbenchesErgonomic Height Adjustable Computer Desks and Workbenches are a Complete Work Surface Solution

Over time a computer desk or workbench that is positioned too low or too high can cause discomfort or musculoskeletal problems. With improperly positioned computer desk, workers may rest their arms at an uncomfortable angle on the desk while they are using the mouse or keyboard. In addition, a workbench that is positioned too low can cause employees to hunch over, which can cause strain on their back. Fixing the height of the chair will only go so far to help solve the problems. A complete solution involves ergonomic height adjustable computer desks and workstations.Height Adjustable Computer Desks

Benefits of Our Height Adjustable Computer Desks and Workbenches

• Corner unit computer desks provide maximum space efficiency.
• You can automatically lower or raise the computer desks or workbenches with just the push of a button.
• Height adjustable computer desks are ideal for shared workstations because each employee can correct the desk to meet their ergonomic needs.
• Employees have the option to work standing up with our height adjustable computer desks and workbenches.Ergonomic Adjustable Corner Computer Desks
• You can use our computer desks with your existing panel systems with minimal retrofitting.
• Our height adjustable computer desks and workbenches will help employers maintain ADA compliancy.

Shop Now at StoreMoreStore for Your Ergonomic Height Adjustable Computer Desks and Workbenches

Shop online now at StoreMoreStore for new ergonomic height adjustable computer desks and workbenches! Also, to complement your workstation we offer ergonomic chairs at great prices. As usual if you have any questions, give us a call at our toll free number 1-855-786-7667 or send us a message.


Open File Shelving | Shelf Organizers and Dividers | Office Furniture

Office Furniture to Keep You Efficient and OrganizedDouble Deep Sliding Open File Shelving Office Furniture

Not only do lateral file cabinets take up a substantial amount of your office’s floor space, they also make documents hard to find because everything is hidden inside a drawer. If you are looking for office furniture that will enhance your efficiency, consider Open File Shelving from StoreMoreStore. Open File Shelving will save floor space and provide a professional appearance for your office. In addition, we also have Shelf Organizers and Dividers for every type of Open File Shelving that will keep your documents, files, literature, folders, or paperwork arranged in the shelves for easy retrieval.

All Types of Open File ShelvingOpen File Shelving for storing rolled plan drawings

Open File Shelving is designed with flexible shelves. You can add new shelves to reconfigure your shelving for any item you need to store. The shelves can be installed with ease because most of them don’t require any special tools, just a rubber mallet. StoreMoreStore has numerous types of Open File Shelving that will meet your specific needs including,

Stationary Steel 4-Post Shelves
Box Storage Racks
Rolled Plan Drawing Shelves
Deed and Docket Book Roller Shelving
Sliding Mobile Shelves

Add a Shelf Organizer to Your Open File Shelving for Organizing Documents

The Oblique Shelf Organizer sits easily on Open File ShelvingOrganize your stored documents in your Open File Shelving with a Shelf Organizer sold exclusively at StoreMoreStore. The Shelf Organizer unit sits perfectly in your Open File Shelving. It comes with Oblique side tab hanging folders with easy to read 6” magnified label holders. The Oblique Folders hang on rails and expand and contract to maximize the available shelf space while keeping your information organized. The Shelf Organizers are available in standard widths are 33-3/4″, 39-3/4″, and 45-3/4″ with custom sizes available.

Use Dividers to Keep Documents Grouped Together and Standing UprightWe have Dividers for all types of Open File Shelving

Adding Dividers to your Open File Shelving is one of the best ways to keep your documents grouped and standing upright within their appropriate categories. In addition, Dividers keep your files packed just snuggly enough for easy access. If they’re packed too close, it’s hard to get a folder out without accidentally pulling out more than one file. We have Dividers for every type of Open File Shelving.

Shop Online Now for Open File Shelving, Shelf Organizers, and Dividers

Shop online now at StoreMoreStore for new office furniture including Open File Shelving, Shelf Organizers, and Dividers! If you have any questions give us a call at our toll free number 1-855-786-7667 or send us a message.


Pass Thru Mailroom Sorting Shelves | In Wall Open Back Mail Sorters

Hamilton Sorter Pass Thru Mailroom shelvesPass Thru Wall Mailroom Sorting and Dual Sided Pass Thru Wall Sorters

If you are looking for a way to conveniently pass mail and other documents from one work area to another, then take a look at StoreMoreStore’s Pass Thru type sorters.  These dual sided open back sorters allow you to place your mail and literature in one side of the sorter and retrieve it from the other side of the sorter. For example, you can mount Pass Thru Sorters in the wall of your mailroom to allow mailroom staff to sort mail into slots from inside the mailroom and employees to retrieve mail from outside the mailroom. This type of Pass Thru sorting equipment saves time distributing mail to various offices by mailroom personnel.  Doors can be added to the pass thru sorters for additional security if required.

Benefits of Hamilton Sorter Open Back Pass Thru Wall and Table Top Desk Mail SortersPass Thru Hamilton Sorter Mailroom Furniture

Here are just a few of the benefits of Hamilton Sorter’s Open Back Sorters:

• Easily Adjustable Sorter Shelves: Sorting shelves and trays slide in and out on tracks making opening heights between shelves easy when your document and mail sorting storage needs change.

• Easy to Read Sorter Shelf Labels: Sorter trays or shelves offer full length name labels that are easy to read and easy to change.

• Transparent Sorter Shelves: The transparent sorting shelves let light pass in and through the sorter making stored documents and mail easier to see.

• No Sharp Edges on Sorter Shelves: Mail sorter shelves are designed with no sharp edges to protect fast moving hands when sorting mail, documents and literature.

• Ships Assembled: Sorting units come fully assembled, just open the box, set the sorter in place, and slide in the sorter shelves to use.

• Choice of Sorter Colors: Hamilton Sorter has a large variety of color finishes to match any office décor.

• GREENGUARD® Certified: Hamilton Sorter’s Closed Back Desktop Sorters are GREENGUARD® certified offering a green friendly addition to your desk and office.

Open Back Hamilton Sorter Mailroom FurnitureOther Hamilton Sorter Mailroom and Sorting Furniture and Accessories

Shop today at StoreMoreStore for great deals on all types of mail and literature sorters!

Whether you are looking for closed back sorters to sit on top of a table or desk or a freestanding full height sorter, you can find it at StoreMoreStore.  We also carry mail sorting shelves, drawers, labels, trays and other sorter accessories.  Don’t see what you are looking for? Call us today toll free at 1-855-786-7667 or send us an email, and we will help you with your mailroom and literature sorting needs.


Oblique Shelf Organizers for Your Overhead Cubical Shelves

Forms, Literature, Mail, and File Organizers for Workstation Overhead Shelves

Hang Oblique V-base Folders and Box Base Folders Are you tired of papers, files, and mail cluttering what little desk space you have?  Well we have a product that will rid you of the clutter and help you organize your information more efficiently.   The Oblique Shelf Organizer is a standalone unit that conveniently fits on your desk or in an overhead workstation shelf.  The unit organizes documents, forms, literature, and mail for quick and easy access in less space.

Set in Cubical Workstation Overhead and Start Organizing Information

Just assemble the Oblique Shelf unit and add the hanging folders to start organizing. Each Oblique Shelf Organizer includes a starter set of V-Base and Box Base hanging file folders.  Additional V-Base and Box Base hanging folders can be purchased in packages of five to customize the unit just the way you want it.  Each hanging folder comes with a 6” label and a magnified label holder viewing lens.Efficient Compact File Organizer

The Oblique Shelf Organizer is available in three standard sizes 33-3/4”, 39-3/4”, and 45-3/4” (special sizes are available on request).  If you are looking for a special size, just email us or call us toll free at 1-855-786-7667.

Shop now at StoreMoreStore to get your workspace organized with the space efficient Oblique Shelf Organizer!


Height Adjustable Ergonomic Work Benches & Workstations

workstations workbenches industrial tables warehouse packing kitting ergonomicPrevent Repetitive Motion Injuries With Ergonomic Workstations

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, repetitive motion injuries (RMIs) are on the rise. These injuries represent 60% of reported occupational illnesses in the U.S. The private employment sector is shelling out over $25 billion per year in direct costs from absenteeism and workers compensation claims. Indirect costs are estimated at four times that amount.

This increase in reported cases is partly due to the fact that certain soft tissue injuries are becoming more clearly linked to the duties employees perform at work. OSHA has begun recognizing the factors that lead to such injuries at the federal level. California and other states are in the process of developing and instituting more stringent regulations for state OSHA programs to ensure that employers follow good ergonomic practices.

height adjustable ergonomic work surface workstations workbenches industrial benchesFactors That Increase Repetitive Motion Injury Include:

  • Performing the same motion or series of motions over and over
  • Being forced to work in one position or in an unnatural posture
  • Using tools or equipment that vibrate or have repeated high impact
  • Repeatedly exerting the same manual force task
  • Frequent heavy lifting – especially when unassisted

There are many different strategies for reducing the incidence of RMI in the workplace. One solution to improve posture and make industrial work less likely to cause injury is through the use of ergonomic work benches in assembly and technical support areas.

workstations workbenches industrial tables warehouse packing kitting ergonomicAdjustable Work Benches Boost Productivity

At StoreMoreStore, we carry top of the line adjustable benches and tables including kitting workstations and electronic assembly workstations. These adjustable work benches allow each employee to set the appropriate and easily change the work surface height for their personal workspace. That way, they can rest their arms and avoid hunching over and prolonged body positions that promote repetitive motions injuries.

Technical work benches and  ergonomic workstations also include a rolled front table edge to reduce pressure on an employee’s forearms. A footrest offers the option for workers to elevate their feet and take weight off their thighs throughout the day. When employees are supported with appropriate ergonomic furniture, they are less prone to repetitive motion injuries. Employers benefit from fewer workers’ comp claims, higher productivity, less worker fatigue, and better quality workmanship.

See our adjustable work benches and ergonomic workstations here!

height adjustable ergonomic work surface workstations workbenches industrial benches


Height Adjustable Workstations Add Flexability

movable desks adjustable work stations workstation table call centerEnjoy Instant Customization With VariTask® Height Adjustable Workstations

These days, employees expect to have an office chair that’s height adjustable. It’s the industry standard since it makes so much sense ergonomically. However, even employers who recognize that employees have different requirements for seating don’t always realize that the same thing applies to worksurfaces.

movable counter tables work surface push button ergonomic deskWhat’s the Problem with Normal Desks?

A desk that is too high or too low can cause discomfort and promote musculoskeletal problems over time. An improperly positioned worksurface can make a worker’s arms rest at an uncomfortable angle on the desk edge when operating a mouse or keyboard. A surface that is set too low may prompt taller workers to slump. Employees may adjust their chair height to compensate a little. But then they can end up putting too much pressure on the backs of their thighs and interfering with leg circulation. A real solution is one that lets workers adjust their desk work surface height as easily as they do their task chair.

movable desks adjustable work stations workstation table call centerBenefits of StoreMoreStore Height Adjustable Workstations

  • We have adjustable rectangular and corner units available for maximum space efficiency
  • These adjustable table style desks are less bulky than a traditional workstation and can be combined with the filing pedestals or other storage solutions of your choice
  • These desks are effortlessly adjustable with push button action to automatically raise or lower the worksurface
  • An adjustable adjustable shared workstation is ideal for shift work (such as call center jobs) since each worker can just push a button to adjust the worksurface to his/her requirements
  • Employees can adjust their desk height to work standing instead of seated at any time throughout the day to enhance circulation and make them ergonomically correct
  • These height adjustable desks can be used with your existing panel systems with minimal retrofitting
  • All VariTask bases have Greenguard indoor Air Quality Certification for Children and schools by the GREENGUARD Environmental Institute

ada movable desks adjustable work stations workstation table call centerAt StoreMoreStore, we keep our eye out for ways to help employers be ADA compliant. These Height Adjustable Workstations or work tables are a great option for employees with disabilities. The offset leg configuration means employees can roll or scoot up close to the worksurface with no obstruction on the sides. They can also quickly and easily adjust the desk to accommodate the height of their particular wheelchair or scooter model.

Flexible, Ergonomic, Green, ADA Compliant…what more could you ask for in an adjustable desk or workstation?

Visit StoreMoreStore for additional information on pricing on these height adjustable work stations that  offer real solutions for your ever changing business, office, or school environment !


Home Office Furniture Solutions

mobile desk workstation home office furniture folding wheeled desksOffice Furniture for the Small Bausiness and Home Office

Mobility, compatiblity, and portability are what define the technology of our times. We prefer things that can easily travel along with us and are easy to fit in everywhere.  That is why we replaced desktops with laptops, telephones with mobile phones and offices with home. Now, the last one doesn’t make much sense for most people. Yet, it is quite true now.

Due to the recession, inflation and lowering pay-scales, people are turning towards home based jobs. A home based job has many benefits, but you must dedicate a place in your home for your work and office furniture. Most of the time all you need for your home office is a computer, printer and fax machine, but you need  somewhere to store them away from all the hustle bustle of the day, somewhere calm, quite and away from the reach of children and pets.


mobile wheeled computer cart home office laptop carts rolling

Home Office Furniture Solutions

At home or in small offices,  mobility becomes important. Did you know you are able to move your workstation? StoreMoreStore offers a number of home office furniture  solutions for you.We have laptop workstations, mobile computer carts, laptop caddy’s, rolling filing cabinets, space saving desks and more!


rolling desks office desk workstation home computer mobile credenza Innovative Fold Up Desk Saves Office Space

One of our favorites is the Latte Rotary PC Desk with Credenza. The Latte Rotary PC Desk with Credenza is a complete mobile work station for your home office.  The desk actually swings over the credenza for storage when not in use, saving you a lot of space when you are not working.

The credenza has multiple features such as a slide out printer shelf, box-file drawer pedestal and even a space to place your CPU. The sleek design and color options makes this a great office furniture solution for those concerned with aesthetics. The edges of the Latte Rotary PC Desk with Credenza are seamless and contoured using vacuum-formed thermofoil technology. Perfect for that home office with children since there are no sharp corners to contend with. So, it is a perfectly compatible, movable and space saving furniture solution for your home  or small business office.


Please see all of our home and small office furniture solutions at!

home office computer cart laptop mobile workstation compact rolling office furniture

home office computer cart laptop mobile workstation compact rolling desk


Nest-N-Stack Folding Top Nesting Office Tables

folding nesting meeting office training table tables desks nest-n-stackGet Ready To Flip Out Over “Nest-N-Stack” Tables

Every organization needs tables for those occasions when large groups require access to a worksurface at the same time. Training, meetings, collaborative projects, and company parties/special events are some of the common situations where tables come in handy. Then, sometimes you need to pack one up for a trip to a job fair or industry convention. You need a table that’s easy to set up, easy to break down, and easy to transport.

Old Fashioned Folding Tables are a Risky Proposition

meeting room office training tables conference room flip top tableTypically, businesses turn to a standard banquet style folding table to meet these needs. We all know what happens when you try to use those. It’s a two person job…and not a pleasant one. First, someone’s fingers get pinched in the hinges. Next, someone else can’t get the leg to click into place. So, they start kicking at it causing the support strut to bend or breaking a rivet. You think the table is stable and find out it isn’t really fully locked when it starts collapsing. Finally, when you close the tables up and try to stack them against a wall, they all start sliding down to the ground.

What’s the Solution? Nest-N-Stack Table!

mayline flipping tables easy set-up folding foldable office tablesYou need a folding table that isn’t so hazardous to operate. That’s why we recommend the StoreMoreStore Nest-N-Stack Series Tables for our customers. The Nest-N-Stack tables combine the stability of a permanent upright base with the convenience of a folding top. There’s a safe, simple lever mechanism that can be operated from either end of the table (by one person) to flip the top into a vertical position for storage. The legs are equipped with casters that let you roll the table wherever it needs to go. The bases have an offset design that allows them to nest close together, taking up very little room.

flip-n-go mayline stackable office furniture portable wheeeled

Plus, you’re not stuck with just rectangular pieces. You can combine standard table shapes with curved and angled tables or pie connectors to configure your meeting or training space for maximum efficiency. Each table is data-ready with a cable trough built in to the modesty panel. It’s all very modern.

Basically, StoreMoreStore is doing for tables what Maytag did for laundry – and we’ve got it all available at StoreMoreStore!

flip-n-go mayline stackable office furniture portable wheeeled