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Sterile Core Storage Racks for Surgical Instrument Kits

Sterile Kit Storage & Transport Racks

sterile core storage racksUnfortunately, hygienic conditions are becoming more difficult to maintain in hospitals. These hospitals often struggle with finding enough time, money, and space to manage storage effectively while caring for patients. Sterile core storage racks are designed to meet all of these needs with pull-out wire shelves that take up less space and keep surgical instrument kits stored within the highest sanitary requirements.

With pull-out wire shelving, each kit has its own storage space without the need for stacking. This not only keeps supplies organized and easily accessed but also prevents contamination in sterile kits from perforations. In fact, once the kits are placed on the shelf, they don’t need to be touched again until they’re ready for use in the operating room.

By eliminating unnecessary handling, the sterile core racks help reduce the risk of secondary infection caused by the use of unsterile surgical instruments. This also saves time and money by preventing the need for re-sterilization. And since the wire shelves are adjustable, you can store various sizes of supplies on one rack.

Featuressurgical kit storage racks

  • Constructed from industrial grade chrome wire
  • 7/8″ square chrome posts
  • All-welded wire shelves with waterfall front and wire back guard
  • Adjustable brackets/shelves on 1″ centers
  • Solid top and bottom shelves prevent dust accumulation
  • 600 lbs. shelf weight load capacity
  • 4″ swivel non-marring casters with brakes
  • Ships unassembled
  • One-year manufacturer’s limited warranty

Buy Sterile Core Storage Racks Online

Sterile core storage racks are available to buy online and ship within 5-10 business days with free dock-to-dock shipping included. If you need any assistance or just want some help picking the right solution for you, please call us at 1-855-786-7667.


Artwork Collection Storage for National State Park Museums

Park Museum Art Storage

artwork collection storageNational and state park museums commonly include rotating artwork exhibits, which require careful storage and display as any other collection. We have a variety of artwork collection storage solutions available to buy online for your convenience.

Unfortunately, most paintings are extremely delicate, and a variety of factors contribute to eventual deterioration. Proper storage and handling go a long way toward keeping paintings preserved for the long term. During storage, curators must protect artwork from multiple damaging factors such as light, pests, and improper handling. By practicing preventative conservation, curators avoid costly and time-consuming treatments.

Museums mainly store paintings by hanging them from storage screens, placing them on shelves, or stacking them vertically. What works best for you depends on the size and environment of your storage area. Do you need to display your paintings or keep them in storage? On StoreMoreStore, you can find a solution that fits your unique requirements.

Artwork Collection Storage Typesnational state park museum art storage

  • Wire mesh art display panels available in wall-mounted or freestanding configurations to provide proper storage and easy viewing at the same time.
  • Flat file drawer cabinets prevent damage from rolling or folding and store plan drawings, graphics, maps, drafting documents, blueprints, vellum sheets, and oversize documents.
  • Art till shelving organizes framed and unframed artwork and protects them from light, pests, and deterioration.
  • Framed artwork carts with adjustable dividers allow safe storage and transport for paintings.
  • Pull-out art racks store artwork collections while saving space with retractable panels.
  • Works on paper shelving are often used for storing Hollinger boxes, Solander cases, maps, boards posters, and other flat works with non-gassing material that protects stored collections.

Buy Artwork Collection Storage Online

Artwork collection storage units are available to buy online with free dock-to-dock shipping included. If you need any assistance or just want some help picking the right solution for you, please call us at 1-855-786-7667.


Beaded Post Type Shelves | Open & Closed Industrial Shelving

Beaded Post Shelving

beaded post type open shelvesBeaded post type shelves, available in open or closed configurations, provide sturdy and long-lasting storage for industrial environments.

Unlike angle posts, which partially obstruct the shelf, the beaded posts allow you to use the full width. Adjustable shelves and shelf clips also make it easy to modify the units as your needs change.

Choose from a variety of shelving sizes and configurations for medium-duty, heavy-duty, and extra heavy-duty applications.

Featuresclosed beaded post type shelving

  • Beaded posts fabricated from 14-gauge cold rolled steel and roll formed into an 11/16″ wide x 2-9/16″ deep tubular section
  • Common posts allow starter units to connect to adder unit shelving
  • Shelves adjustable on 1 ½” centers with roll formed rectangular tubular shaped front and rear edges
  • Return bends are welded to the underside of the shelf on 3″ centers for maximum strength
  • All four corners lapped and welded to add extra strength and rigidity
  • Top shelf surface is punched left to right and front and back to accept dividers
  • 13-gauge cold rolled steel one-piece shelf compression clips with a zinc plated finish (four shelf clips provided for each shelf)
  • Open units come with “X” sway braces with safety edges to eliminate sharpness
  • Closed units come with side and back panels made from 24-gauge cold rolled sheet steel
  • Available in medium-duty, heavy-duty, and extra heavy-duty weight capacities
    • Medium-duty shelves store 350 lbs. to 500 lbs. per shelf depending on shelf size
    • Heavy-duty shelves store 500 lbs. to 800 lbs. per shelf depending on shelf size
    • Extra heavy-duty shelves store 900 lbs. to 1,100 lbs. per shelf depending on shelf size
  • Gray powder coated steel finish
  • GREENGUARD Children & Schools Certified℠
  • Ships unassembled
  • One year manufacturer’s limited warranty
  • Quick ship in 4-5 business days
  • Made in the USA

Buy Beaded Post Type Shelving Online

Beaded post type shelving units are available to buy online and ship within 4-5 business days with free dock-to-dock shipping included. If you need any assistance or just want some help picking the right solution for you, please call us at 1-855-786-7667.


Electric Height Adjustable Desks for Sitting & Standing Workspace

Electronic Height Adjustable Desks

electric height adjustable desksWant more variation in your workspace? Electric height adjustable desks are just the thing you need. With its push-button height adjustment, users are seconds away from a workspace that fits their exact needs.

Especially in the past few years, you’ve probably heard about “sitting disease.” Sitting for long periods of time has not only shown to increase some health risks—it’s also just plain uncomfortable. So is improper posture regardless of whether you’re sitting, standing, or doing yoga. Everyone has different needs; adjustable desks make it easy to meet all of them for an efficient and productive work environment. This is doubly important in workspaces that cycle between multiple users so everyone’s needs are met.

With its electronic components, the desks are also incredibly easy for anyone to use. The desks are capable of four pre-programmed heights so frequent users can simply push a button to set up their workspace. Then, users can manually tune the desk height to the exact inch at a rate of 1.5″ per second. Additionally, the desks come pre-wired and are fast and easy to set up; just attach the legs and feet. Choose from multiple models and colors depending on your needs, including desks with capacities up to 275 lbs. and optional sliding desk drawers.

Featuresadjustable sit stand electric desk

  • Solid industrial-strength aluminum construction
  • Leveling feet included
  • Medium density fiberboard (MDF) work surface
  • Digital controller with LED display and 4 height memory settings
  • Single heavy-duty gear motor allows fast adjustment of work surface 1.5″ per second
  • 175 lbs. weight capacity
  • Ships unassembled
  • CARD approved
  • Meets ANSI/BIFMA standards
  • 5-year manufacturer’s limited warranty on non-electronic components
  • 2-year manufacturer’s limited warranty on electronic components

Buy Electric Height Adjustable Desks Online

Electric height adjustable desks are available to buy online and ship within 5-7 business days with free dock-to-dock shipping included. If you need any assistance or just want some help picking the right solution for you, please call us at 1-855-786-7667.


Expanded Metal Carts with Security Mesh Side Panels

Secure Bulk Storage Carts

expanded metal cartsKeep items safe and secure, transportable, visible, and dust-free all at the same time with expanded metal carts. These heavy-duty carts are ideal for use in electronics, warehousing, and manufacturing applications since it keeps items protected while making it faster and easier to take visible inventory counts.

With its expanded metal wire mesh panels, it’s easy to transport heavy and bulky items across the work area. This not only improves efficiency but also prevents users from bending or lifting to carry heavy items and risk injury. Its heavy-duty construction also holds up to 2,000 lbs for storing a wide variety of even the heaviest pieces of equipment.

The wire mesh panels allow constant visibility of stored contents, but it also allows air to flow freely within the cart. Considering that sensitive equipment and electronics are easily damaged by dust accumulation, this is an equally easy way to keep stored contents clean and dust-free. Since the carts are available in multiple types and sizes, you’ll be able to find the right cart to fit your storage needs.mesh side panel security carts


  • Angle iron and expanded metal construction
  • Sturdy tubular handle provides easy mobility (adds 6″ to overall cart width)
  • 6″ x 2″ phenolic bolt-on casters; (2) swivel and (2) rigid
  • 2,000 lbs. weight capacity
  • Durable gray textured powder coat finish
  • Ships fully assembled
  • 1-year manufacturer’s limited warranty
  • Made in the USA

Buy Expanded Metal Carts Online

Expanded metal carts are available to buy online and ship in 5-10 business days with free dock-to-dock shipping. If you need any assistance or just want some help picking the right solution for you, please call us at 1-855-786-7667.


Rotating Pharmacy Cabinets Medication Supply Storage

Pharmacy Medication & Supply Storage

rotating pharmacy cabinetsRotating pharmacy cabinets improve organization and security for medications and narcotics, bags, and other medical supplies. As with any other healthcare application, staff members need to be aware of the state of their stored items at all times. Otherwise, this could lead to serious HIPAA violations and breaches of privacy and security. At the same time, pharmacies are in constant need of more space, and trying to make room for other supplies in a small area can lead to disorganization and inefficiency.

The rotating pharmacy cabinets are an easy way to address space, efficiency, and security concerns. With its double-sided construction, the cabinet spins open and closed to provide double the amount of space in half the footprint. Two cabinet panels are solid, while you can use the other two sides for storage. Using the cabinet is easy: simply push on the panel to rotate it open or closed.

You can choose from a variety of cabinet sizes and features, including roll-out medication shelves, hanging rods, and locking security doors.

Featuresmedication supply storage rotary cabinet

  • Durable 5/8″ diameter rotating base with hardened steel ball bearings
  • 24″ W x 24 ¼” D shelves adjustable on ½” increments
  • 22 ¼” W x 12 ½” D x 10″ H security drawers with key locks
  • 22 ¼” W x 12 ½” D x 3 ¾” H roll-out medication shelves with 3 adjustable dividers
  • Drawers adjustable on ½” increments
  • 24″ long rods for hanging bags
  • Built-in cabinet lock
  • Ships fully assembled and ready to use
  • Powder coated finish available in a wide selection of colors
  • Lifetime manufacturer’s limited warranty on parts
  • Made in the USA

Buy Rotating Pharmacy Cabinets Online

Rotating pharmacy cabinets are available to buy online and ship in 20-30 business days with free dock-to-dock shipping. If you need any assistance or just want some help picking the right solution for you, please call us at 1-855-786-7667.


Mobile Workbench Carts & Steel Drawer Storage Cabinets

Portable Workbench Carts

mobile workbench cartsIn industrial and heavy-duty environments, tools and equipment are frequently needed in multiple locations. It wastes time to stop work to search for or store materials, and this often leads to a messy, disorganized storage area that also takes up space. Instead of static storage, mobile workbench carts and drawer cabinets can help by providing fast and easy transportability, keeping what you need where you need it. Additionally, the workbenches provide both storage and a surface to work on so you can use your space more effectively.

With its heavy-duty steel construction, the mobile workbench carts are designed to withstand even the toughest environments. You can choose from a variety of cart types with accessories such as shelves, doors, varying work surfaces, and drawers. Work surface finishes include maple, steel, tempered hardboard, or black rubber mat. Browse our online store to see what models and configurations we have available.

Featuresportable cabinet drawer carts

  • Construction: Heavy-duty, all-welded 14-gauge or 16-gauge steel
  • Doors: Cabinet doors with piano hinges and 3-point locking system with 4 keys
  • Drawers: Drawers with key locks included on indicated models
  • Handles: Sturdy tubular handles provide easy mobility (adds 6″ to overall cart width)
  • Weight capacity: 1,200 lbs.
  • Finish: Powder coat textured with gray finish
  • Assembly: Ships fully assembled
  • Warranty: 1-year manufacturer’s limited warranty
  • Made in the USA

Buy Mobile Workbench Carts Online

Mobile workbench carts are available to buy online and ship in 5-10 business days with free dock-to-dock shipping. If you need any assistance or just want some help picking the right solution for you, please call us at 1-855-786-7667.


Industrial Steel Lockers Heavy-Duty Personal Gear Storage

Industrial Locker Storage

industrial steel lockersAll-welded industrial steel lockers are designed for durability and performance with a heavy-duty design and construction that makes them ideal for applications in military, police, refineries, labs, manufacturing, and more. Visit our store to choose from lockers available in various sizes and styles, or we can design custom-sized lockers to meet your exact requirements.

With 6″ high legs, you can also load the industrial steel lockers onto a forklift for easy mobility. Even though the lockers are heavy-duty, this provides an extra level of flexibility for your changing needs. And since they ship entirely assembled, all you have to do is set them in place before they’re ready to use. Additionally, the louvered doors allow easy airflow through each compartment. This ventilation helps prevent the buildup of dust, mold, and other bacteria, which is not only a health hazard but can also cause some rather unpleasant smells. Designated models also include sloped tops, which prevents users from stacking items on top of the lockers.

Featuresindustrial heavy duty lockers

  • All-welded 12-gauge steel construction
  • Louvered doors provide airflow and ventilation
  • Door handles include a 3-point pad-lockable handle (padlock not included)
  • Single-tier lockers include one hanger rod per opening; double-tier lockers include two wall hooks per opening; triple-tier lockers include one double prong ceiling hook
  • Single-tier lockers include one upper hat shelf
  • 7-gauge, 6″ high legs
  • Sloped tops included on indicated models or can be provided at an additional charge
  • Smooth, durable dark gray finish applied using a wet spray and baked on enamel
  • Ships fully assembled and ready to use
  • Lifetime limited manufacturer’s warranty
  • Made in the USA

Buy Industrial Steel Lockers Online

Industrial steel lockers are available to buy online and ship in 6 to 7 weeks with free dock-to-dock shipping. If you need any assistance or just want some help picking the right solution for you, please call us at 1-855-786-7667.


Cantilever Racks Bar Stock & Pipe Storage Shelving

Cantilever Racks for Bar & Pipe Storage

cantilever racksCantilever racks are ideal for storing long and bulky items in heavy-duty and industrial applications. With a durable steel construction, its adjustable arms are inclined 20 degrees to securely store items without the risk of damage. After all, heavy items rolling off your shelves and onto the floor or people is probably one of the last things you want.

Why cantilever racks? Because they store a wide range of items in many lengths and proportions securely and in less space than other types of racks. Without the restriction of front columns, cantilever racks provide full access to stored contents while maximizing your available space. This also makes it easy for employees to access the item they need, and access it in a safe and ergonomic manner.

Additionally, the cantilever racks are suitable for use in freezers and coolers, and are certified by the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) for food handling and storage.

Featurespipe bar stock cantilever racks

  • 3 1/8″ x 1 1/4″ 12-gauge tubular steel uprights
  • 27″ deep bottom base shelf
  • 27″ deep arms with a 20-degree incline to ensure items don’t roll off the shelves
  • Arms adjustable on 6″
  • 800 lbs. capacity per pair of arms
  • 3,000 lbs. total weight capacity of units
  • Metallic blue powder epoxy finish that resists rust, corrosion, bacteria, mold, and mildew
  • National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) certified for use in food and handling storage
  • Suitable for use in coolers and freezers
  • Available with horizontal wire shelves
  • Ships unassembled
  • Lifetime limited manufacturer’s warranty against rust and corrosion

Buy Cantilever Racks Online

Cantilever racks are available to buy online and ship in 3-6 business days with free dock-to-dock shipping. If you need any assistance or just want some help picking the right solution for you, please call us at 1-855-786-7667.


Wall Mounted Louvered Panels with Hanging Bins Storage

Wall Mounted Louvered Panels with Bins

wall mounted louvered panelsMake use of your wall space with wall mounted louvered panels and hanging bins available in a wide variety of sizes. In fact, you can even mount the louvered panels on anything from walls and benches to inside trucks, cabinets, or on carts. This versatile solution provides a great way to store and organize small to medium parts in industrial, healthcare, MRO, and many other applications.

Instead of spending time searching for parts, the louvered panels can keep everything you need above your workspace instead of taking up your floor area. With multiple bin colors available, you can also color-code your storage for even easier access. Additionally, the bins’ ergonomic design facilitates easy handling and viewing of a bin’s contents.

Featureslouvered panel hanging bins storage

  • 16-gauge cold rolled steel construction
  • Smaller panels will hold 175 lbs. to 250lbs. while larger panels will store up to 1,000 lbs.
  • Gray corrosion-resistant powder-coat finish
  • Easy assembly; simply mount the steel panels to the wall and hook the bins on panel louvers (hardware fasteners not included)
  • One-year manufacturer’s limited warranty
  • Injection-molded high impact polypropylene stackable bins
  • Bins offer 2 ½ to 3 ft of storage length
  • Heavy-duty front, side, and back grips for easy bin handling
  • Bins autoclavable up to 250°F and are resistant to extreme cold
  • Made in the USA

Buy Wall Mounted Louvered Panels Online

Wall mounted louvered panels are available to buy online and ship within 10-15 business days with free dock-to-dock shipping included. If you need any assistance or just want some help picking the right solution for you, please call us at 1-855-786-7667.